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Full Version: John B. Watson and social engineering
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I'm not long for the internet tonight, but wanted to post this before I log out. Something that Educating Liberals shared on Twitter made me post this as a reply. It's a film on YT I ran across about 8 years ago. I can't say I've watched it to the end, but I've certainly gotten an hour into it each time I've pulled it up over the years (which is several).

I think what piqued my search all those years ago was wondering why at the work place the "Personnel" department suddenly became "Human Resources" across the board. It's both friendly sounding and foreboding at the same time. Maybe that's just my take as I've been in the work force for so many years that it seemed it was seamless? Not sure.

Anyway, I'm thinking this John B. Watson guy was pretty deranged. Driven/smart, yes. Deranged also? I think definitely (google his image, eyes say it all).
The tests done on animals and human babies is mind boggling. Who thinks up this shit? WHO GIVES SUCH A SHIT about figuring out how to control the masses? To spend your entire life dedicated to this sort of dark madness really baffles me.

Some of you out there are so good at connecting the dots. I just don't have the time with a full time job - who did he know? Who did he serve? What family line is this mother fucker? Has anyone here viewed this video?

Bump 4 Worthwhile .
Looks yummy right away. I watched the first few minutes. I will definitely sit through it sometime in the next few days.
oh yeah this is one of my favorite videos...watched it a few times...way worth watching...

Good!  Glad a couple got the bug to watch it, whether now or later.  Definitely eye opening.

[Image: john_b_watson.jpg]