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Full Version: Army Vet Takes Shocking Photos Of Trashed VA Clinic
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U.S. Army veteran Christopher Wilson showed up to a Utah VA clinic only to receive treatment in a dilapidated room covered in trash and debris, sparking a firestorm on social media and an apology from the clinic.

“The condition of the room was the way it was when he went in, no other room was offered and no attempt to clean it up was made for the duration of his appointment,” Stephen wrote on Twitter. “No apologies offered. He received injections for a service injury during one of his tours in Iraq.”

The veteran’s father, Stephen Wilson, tweeted out pictures of the disgusting room, saying his son had gone to receive treatment for wounds received during his two tours in Iraq. The father’s diatribe received more than 15,000 retweets, with the VA chief of staff contacting his son personally to apologize, with the facility releasing a statement saying “medicine is messy,” and that it would “review its policies,” according to Stephen.
Someone needs to post pics of the VA in Chicago, it's much worse.

This Dad is totally correct.