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Full Version: Strange days for a woman accusing Danny Masterson of rape — and for her rocker husband
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e dog was yelping in pain,” Cedric Bixler-Zavala says, telling us about a nightmare scenario that took place in October when he got home after a grueling tour with his band, At The Drive In.

At the time, home for Bixler, 43, his wife Chrissie Carnell, 39, and their five-year-old twin boys was a house in Austin where a lot of strange things had been going on for several months.

The day before, Chrissie had noticed two men in a car following her. One of them was aiming a camera at her, and when she sped up, so did the two men. They only peeled off when she turned in to the parking lot of Austin’s police heaquarters. Panicked and unsure what to do, she made a phone call to a law enforcement official in Los Angeles.

Acting on his advice, Chrissie decided to take her boys to a hotel to wait for Cedric to arrive home the next day. She rushed to their house, grabbed some clothes and the dogs, took them to a kennel, then picked up the twins and checked into a hotel.

After Cedric arrived the next day, they went back to the house and noticed that a pile of their mail was missing and other signs that someone had been in the house.

They made notes of those differences, as they’d become accustomed to, and then they went to pick up their animals.

But that night, Chrissie’s favorite dog, seven-year-old Ethel, kept barking suddenly like she was in agony.

“We thought her leg was broken or something,” Cedric says. “Chrissie took the dog to the vet. And then she called and said Ethel wasn’t going to make it through the night. She died in Chrissie’s arms.” The vet explained to them that a membrane in Ethel’s throat was ruptured, and there was no way to treat it.

Cedric and Chrissie wanted answers, and the kennel did a complete investigation, checking its cameras to make sure that nothing had been done to the dog while it was in their care.

“Something had been done to Ethel while we were both out of the house,” Cedric says, pointing to the time — about an hour — after the men following Chrissie had abandoned the chase and before she was able to get back home to pick up the dogs.

“I think Ethel was kicked in the throat, so the membrane in her throat was severed,” he says.

It was the single worst moment in the months the family has spent being followed, hacked, and harassed — and all of which is being logged and taken seriously by law enforcement.

And the singer of At The Drive In believes that none of it has anything to do with his long career as a rock performer, or his wife’s career as an actress and model.

It all started, he says, when Chrissie Carnell, a former Scientologist, reported Scientology actor Danny Masterson for rape.

Serious gang stalking there.
Piss off the wrong people and suddenly your life goes to shit.

That's sad...Id love to tell the story about our Cat....

but I think it may end up in court so not going to say more...

its very sad...very....
(04-27-2018, 10:16 PM)Wingsprint Wrote: [ -> ]That's sad...Id love to tell the story about our Cat....

but I think it may end up in court so not going to say more...

its very sad...very....

I'm sorry to hear that.

This is a strange story indeed.