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Full Version: There Are A Lot Of Very Weird Things Happening In The World Today...
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Back when I had my business, I had two speeds: dead to the world and balls to the walls. Meaning it was either feast or famine. When I was busy, I was busy as hell... but when I was slow, I was sloooooooow. During the down times, I started reading about a subject that has always fascinated me - end times prophecy.

I started slowly at first, dipping my toe into the pool to test the waters, so to speak. But before long, I found myself staing sometimes 2-3 hours after I closed because I was so caught up in what I was reading. And reading might not be the best choice of words here. It was more like "consuming". I was absorbing the shit. And the more I read, the more I wanted.

The Bible, the Koran, Edgar Cayce, Leonardo da Vinci, the Hopi, the Navajo, the Web-Bot Project, Timewave Zero Calculator, Nostradamus, and Jeane Dixon. Etc, etc, etc.... There are literally dozens of them... and they all kind of say the same thing - don't believe the other guys. They're full of shit and I am not.

Insert the Price is Right loser horn here.

It wasn't until I created a flow chart of who said what where and when, and how it collates to what the other guys are saying and where and when they said it, that I became a firm believer.

Actually, it all right there in front of our faces, shown to us in the simplest of terms, like explaining something to a child who had misbehaved.

Like the antichrist, for example. The antichrist isn't a single person but rather a platform for a group of people. This is the platform that comes in love and peace and equality for all... except if you disagree. And they do indeed come in love and peace... if by love and peace you really mean abortion and sodomy.

On November 5th, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was named President elect, and on that day, in his zip code, which was 60606... the winning Illinois Pick 3 Lotto numbers were.... 6 6 6. Whaooo, huh? Well, it gets better. The winning Pick 4 numbers were... 7 7 7 9.

This basically translates to: Your judgement if complete and it has finally arrived. Maybe someone with a bit more expertise in theology can explaine it better, but basically it says "Your final judgement is complete and it's time to pay the piper."

Then there's the Mabus thing of Nostradamus. Obama's Secretary of the Navy... Ray Mabus. But I like to think of it more as obaMA-BUSh.. because the antichrist is a platform. And those two certainly brought us to where we are today. And they are indeed anti Christ.

There's a lot of other very compelling evidence about Obama and the Dramacrat party, and not just Biblical. but I'm kind of sick of typing.

And meanwhile, Trump is "Trumpeting" and Obama is bidding for the position of Secretary of the U.N... just like it has been predicted by many.

The point of this thread is to tell you we're here. It's happening all around us. I am 100% convinced we're living in the end times. And you might think so too after watching this:


Excellent observation, OP. We are past the time when we could have turned this thing around.

Now there is only one path and we have no choice but to go through whatever it is still to come.

No get out of jail cards, none.
Here you go Mike, there is days and days to be lost here researching everything. There is a great section on prophecy too.
It is the end times.. I’m there too..

I used to be on 2012 forum, lol, then the Mayan dates happened and the forum had to close down..

I told them then, it’s an energetic death, a shift in consciousness.. a new energetic platform.. we are doing it now.