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Full Version: Three Cops Busted Having Sex With Opioid Thief In City Hall :
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Not Arrested, Not Even Fired

Three veteran police officers were caught on video having sex at City Hall, and not only were they not fired, but the chief is not aware of whether they have served their suspensions.

Three police officers were suspended without pay after their department learned that they were having sex while on city property—serving as a reminder that if the average citizens were caught having sex in city hall, they would have been arrested for lewd behavior while in public. But because police have one standard for themselves and another for the general public, the officers were given only a few days off without pay.
They were having sex with someone who had stolen drugs from the evidence lock-up. Were they getting sex for allowing her to continue to steal drugs from the evidence room or did they give her more drugs from the evidence room for sex? I guess we'll never know just like the chief who doesn't know if they served their sentence or not. Great investigation they have going.



Have the orgy-swinger guilds dominated the electoral votes on the local level of offices therefore appointees & hiring too? Oh, gee whiz. Do any Federal powers have judicial review over judges there, or is it set-up in the likes of Floridah?
If the government continues the insane "War Against Drugs", the USA will turn into another Mexico,
(04-22-2018, 11:08 AM)OldWhiteGuy Wrote: [ -> ]If the government continues the insane "War Against Drugs",  the USA will turn into another Mexico,

I have good news. The cops in Billings, Montana do not seem to be preoccupied with the war on drugs. Apparently their receptiveness to drug users and drug thievery was caught on tape.

The War on Drugs has cost countless billions, is a complete waste of time, and has cost so many lives that the government in its usual collective wisdom seems hell-bent on continuing to fund it. What would happen to the murder rate in Chicago, as an example, if drug stores were able to sell street drugs at the drive-thru. No more dealers, no more shoot outs over territory, no more enforcers, all gone in an instant. We can't have that, that's why the government is still pushing this "war".