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Full Version: another feel good story!
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103-year-old woman gets sweet birthday surprise: a cat in need of a home

For her 103rd birthday, Lillian Grant got much more than a surprise bash. She got a furry new friend — just over a year after her beloved cat, Sammy, passed away, leaving her brokenhearted.

The week before the outdoor barbecue extravaganza on April 6, Debbie Presland, the administrator at Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living in St. George, Utah, where Grant lives, asked the centenarian what she'd want if she could pick anything in the world for her birthday present. "A sweet cat like Sammy," she said, according to Presland.

After hearing this touching wish, Presland was determined to make it come true. She enlisted the help of her brother, Joseph Harradine, who is an animal services officer at St. George Animal Shelter, to find Grant a kitty companion.

Yes, it is a wonderful feel good story. Thank you!
when i get that old and everyone around me are passed away, i want a furry companion to keep me company, lift my spirits
Such a simple heartfelt request...

A sweet kitty.

Warm feelies
yes, melt your heart...even those with black hearts