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Full Version: Hillary Dark Web Video....“Frazzledrip”
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Has anyone been talking about this...

Q drops vid on Hillary dark web, Walnut souce, Pedovore's.

I think I just found the reason for Megyn Kellys 25 million dollar contract....mark ...4 minutes

something has heated up....

Epstein Island, HRC snuff film response, Comey outed on live tv


gotta watch this too..

ya have to review this...whole page

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Note articles on the Huge fire at Epstein Island
and what about this guy.....did they go and get him.....???

Top UN official Peter Dalglish arrested, for guess what?

Got to love this....

How Tony Podesta, a Washington Power Broker, Lost It All

Tony Podesta was in line to be king of K Street.

His lobbying firm ended 2015 as the third largest in Washington, D.C., with nearly $30 million in revenue from more than 100 clients, spanning Alphabet Inc.’s Google to Wells Fargo & Co. With his longtime friend Hillary Clinton expected to win the White House, 2016 promised to be even better.

Mr. Podesta, a conspicuous presence in his red shoes and Italian suits, hosted lawmakers and power brokers at his flat in Venice during the Art Biennale. It was one of many homes around the globe, including the Washington mansion where he displayed a collection of museum-grade artwork. In early 2016, he was ready to buy a $7.4 million condo overlooking Madison Square Park in New York City.

Then he fell, a calamitous collapse propelled by unexpected blows, delivered by fate and made worse by hubris. Financial problems, legal threats and the election of President Donald Trump took it all away—the clients, the firm and, finally, Mr. Podesta’s position as one of Washington’s most influential players.

His troubles, some long hidden, surfaced in the summer of 2016. The Podesta Group lost its banker over news the firm did work for the U.S. subsidiary of a Russian bank under sanctions. Then came headlines that the firm’s work with Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman, and an associate may have violated government rules. And in October, WikiLeaks published 20,000 pages of emails stolen from his brother John Podesta, chairman of Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.
Jeffrey Epstein's Island Catches Fire

I must have missed this....