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Full Version: Winnie Mandela interred
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Winnie Mandela, widow of Nelson Mandela, was buried a few days ago. She was in her early eighties at the time of her death a few weeks ago.

She was extremely popular with the native population and came to be known as "Mother of the Nation" following her decades-long activism, although she also had negative media coverage because of violence and atrocities (such as the murder on a 14-year old boy, Stimpie) in which members of her football club were implicated.

She was undeniably very concerned with the South-African native population but I think politics which so dominated her life also made her to some extent a controversial personality.
I hope she was buried in a landfill under 100 burning tires.
(04-17-2018, 11:55 AM)TheĀ ComedianĀ :D Wrote: [ -> ]I hope she was buried in a landfill under 100 burning tires.

No shit, idiotic libtards that worshiped her don't know about the fact that she invented a means of execution that involved placing a tire around the subject and filling it up with gasoline and setting them on fire, that sick commie bitch is frying in hell right now. popnana