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Full Version: the guardian news opinion on the zuckerberg hearing
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Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing was an utter sham

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat. Cameras surrounded him. The energy in the room – and on Twitter – was electric. At last, the reluctant CEO is made to answer some questions!

Except it failed. It was designed to fail. It was a show designed to get Zuckerberg off the hook after only a few hours in Washington DC. It was a show that gave the pretense of a hearing without a real hearing. It was designed to deflect and confuse.

Each senator was given less than five minutes for questions. That meant that there was no room for follow-ups, no chance for big discoveries and many frustratingly half-developed ideas. Compare that to Bill Gates’ hearing on Microsoft, where he faced lawyers and staff for several days, or the Kefauver hearings, which were over a year. By design, you can’t do a hearing of this magnitude in just a couple of hours.

The worst moments of the hearing for us, as citizens, were when senators asked if Zuckerberg would support legislation that would regulate Facebook. I don’t care whether Zuckerberg supports Honest Ads or privacy laws or GDPR. By asking him if he would support legislation, the senators elevated him to a kind of co-equal philosopher king whose view on Facebook regulation carried special weight. It shouldn’t.
Payouts paid off !
(04-11-2018, 01:51 PM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ]Payouts paid off !

Exactly. His first statement should have been, "I know you've all enjoyed thousands and thousands of my dollars flooding into your campaign funds and are looking forward to more, but I'm sure that won't be reflected in today's proceedings". Just fucking once, I would like to see some reality interjected into these sham congressional hearings. Just once.
This whole thing is a pile of bullshit.

Face book is nothing. it has no power. it just has money, and these fuckers want money.

here is the kind of bullshit you are hearing from pieces of human shit like Corey Booker.

People post ads for apartment rentals on face book and they can choose what groups receive those ads.

Therefore Facebook is allowing racial discrimination, or discrimination against 'other protected groups'.

1. Facebook is not the primary means by which people choose rentals.
2. If you want to restrict the delivery of the ad you are purchasing to certain groups that you want o reach, that is your business, not the business of the Fucking United States of America, and not the Business of Facebook.
3. The Government forcing you to enter into business relationships against your will is a denial of one of your most fundamental human rights: the right to choose with whom, where and when you decide to enter into a contractual relationship.

Fuck Corey Booker and this whole fascist circus