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Full Version: Weather news
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I been sicker than most starved dogs, looking forward to better weather. I`ll be damned. Weather report to nite says good Temps thru Friday, BUT.. possible rain with damaging winds. You think they ain't out to mind f##k us? Frigg. Scream1 V6sRZf4
Weather prognosticators around here are never near correct . Sometimes I could swear They use freeze dried Chinese import entrails for making predictions .
There has been some really interesting developments in climate science over the last year or so. The understanding of how cosmic rays influence cloud cover and the how the atmospheric composition has very little effect on temperatures. It's a function of gravity, mass and pressure. The role of volcanoes in seeding precipitation is becoming better understood too.

It's almost like this decades long war on CO2 has forced researchers to step up their game and it has allowed for a much better understanding of climate and weather. Almost like in wartime there are jumps in technology so has been the case with atmospheric physics.

So it looks like a quieter solar period is going to be bringing on cooler weather for the next few decades. Bye bye AGW.
lately weather forecasts ive noticed have been consistant in their predictions. way back when, there were a lot of lying weather forecasts. "sunny and mild in the 70's tomorrow"...but it turned out to be cold and wet next day catching me off guard. weather where i live is so unpredictable. it changes without warning. i hate that "upand down" pattern. i caught a cold 2 weeks ago because of this roller coaster weather. hope you get well!