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Full Version: Did Jeff Bezos really earn 39 billion US$ last year?
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According to Wikipedia's The World Billionaires page, Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) was in third position of the world's most wealthy last year and owned 72.8 billionUS$.

This year, he is coming in on number one and has 112 billion US$ to show for it. Let's congratulate Mr. Bezos. The old adage about money attracting money seems to be true.

He is not the only one doing well. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett earned 4 and 8 billion respectively - miserly crumbs in comparison but I did not hear them complain which shows them to be the type which is content with little.

And as you know, happiness is the little things in life.

Now fellow Fringers - if I may call you that without raising your indignation - this is the time for not letting ourselves get eaten up with envy or staying awake at night torturing our minds about how it is possible to earn that kind of money but rather be glad for those gentlemen (and many others on that list) and rejoice in their happiness.

Of course, it is entirely possible that what Wikipedia is telling us is a big crock of BS.



You should realize that, if what this Wikipedia page is saying is true, then Jeff Bezos earned last year alone what the most wealthy people in the world took half or most of a lifetime to earn.
That's the money you can get if you don't pay any taxes. Yeah3 But yes, he's loaded to hell and back
That's roughly the same amount of money 750,000 everyday people earned last year...combined.
Hope He's touched by the Spirit and Philosophy of Andrew Carnegie at some point .


But is this true? is it POSSIBLE at all?

It looks totally unreal. How can anyone earn 39 BILLION in one year? I don't care whether he did or did not pay taxes, at this point it doesn't make any difference.
It's net worth.. he owns about 17% of Amazon's stock, which makes up most of his wealth. It is not "money in the bank". Even at that, he still has billions not in stock.
You mean, boss Beezos, the greatest business man alive?

[Image: https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s...68914c.jpg]
I hate these articles. Who cares? This puke face is nowhere near the richest man alive when the big R family has half the money on earth and supposedly owns every banking system in all but 3 countries.

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