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Full Version: Here’s the math on how there can be no truth to the concept of man-made global warming
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In fourth grade math,  here’s why no sane person can believe that rising CO2 levels can possibly be at a tipping point in global weather:

EcoNazis scream that the CO2 level is skyrocketing.   They claim it’s gone from 280 parts per million (pre-industrial revolution) to upwards of 400 parts per million.  IT’S OUT OF CONTROL, they say. I won’t even challenge their numbers because it doesn’t matter.

A dollar bill is 0.0043 inches thick.  Stick with me here because I’m going somewhere with this…  I’m going to prove how they’re completely ignoring the magnitude of parts per ONE MILLION.

OK, so, a dollar bill is 0.0043 inches thick.  One million dollar bills, stacked like a deck of cards, = 0.0043 x 1,000,000 = 4300 inches or (4300/12) = 358 feet.  Remember, this is stacked, not laid side by side or end to end - I’m talking STACKED.

Now, a football field is 100 yards deep (300 feet) and each end zone is 10 yards deep (30 feet deep each).  So, a football field, including both end zones is 360 feet.  358 feet is 1,000,000 dollar bills and 360 feet is a football field with both end zones.  That’s close enough to make  my point.

If you think of one part per million, think 0.0043 inches vs an entire football field including both end zones.  It’s less than minuscule.  

So, pre industrial revolution, EcoNazis say there were 280 Parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere.  Using my dollar bill/football field analogy, that equates to 280 x 0.0043 = 1.2 inches.  That’s like, what, the length of your little toe.

And, since then, the CO2 levels have skyrocketed all the way up to 400 X 0.0043 = 1.72 inches.  WOW, out of an entire football field including both end zones, CO2 levels have gone from the length of your pinky toe all the way up to LESS THAN the length of your big toe (and that’s as compared to an entire football field with both end zones.

And for all that scary shit, EcoNazis demand that we destroy our economy.  We must tax the hell out of America and give our wealth to every shit hole country as a penalty for destroying the world’s climate.  And at the same time, China and India are doing NOTHING. They’re obviously not STUPID enough to buy in to this unmitigated bullshit.

What kind of blithering idiot buys this nonsense????

Here’s the truth out of what the EcoNazis are trying to get you to believe:
Climate = when the weather does what the left wants it to do
Weather = when it doesn't

Like cancer, termites, rust, and mold, liberals exist to destroy everything they touch.
Here's the physics.

wtf are you doing!?!! you can't bring math or logical facts into a talk about global warming!! wtf is wrong with you!?! you have to go STRAIGHT on your feelings! Scream1 Scream1 Slap