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Full Version: The Alt-light is part of the problem, not the solution.
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The Alt-light, and normies, are increasingly sounding like liberals as they try so hard to distance themselves from those mean mean naughty racists. (racists as described by liberals)

This, in my view, allows the liberals to control the debate, and to control the momentum of political change.

The Alt-light, and normies, are weak and have always, ALWAYS, given in to the liberals.  They are the reason that America is at the place it is now with the nation fracturing and splintering into a thousand factions. They are the reason abortion is legal, that millions of illegals are in our lands, and they are the reason we have lost ground in the culture war continually to the point where gay marriage became publicly acceptable!

They push lies, distractions, and smoke and mirrors with issues that aren't really important just to get clicks, views, and etc......

And, worse, they are part of an agenda, an insidious plot against America and humanity itself!

Power is not gained by crawling on one's knees before the liberals and begging for scraps!  Power, nay freedom, is gained by taking it with force!

Hail to the fuckin Darkside babe!

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