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Full Version: CA Gas Tax Repeal Initiative
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I know many dislike California but believe it or not we do have many patriots trying to fight the good fight. Many of us here refuse to quit and will fight back for as long as we can. We are like the dog soldiers, leash staked in the ground and where ready to fight. If you can help out in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. Below is an email i received.

I REALLY need your help and advice today on this. We have only until April 23 to get our extra signatures on the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative and we are still short on the funds to get it done in time. I’m literally working the phones and emails to our contributors and I could really use your help!

Can you contribute anything today so we can fully fund the signature collection efforts and get this Gas Tax Repeal done?

Do you know anyone who may join you in contributing if you or I contact them to ask?

We can do this! I hope you realize that this is not just about saving hundreds of dollars on lower gas and car taxes each year. It is about giving HOPE to Californians who are on the brink of leaving our state because they are sick of the taxes, mandates, and crazy laws passed by Sacramento politicians.

By winning on the Gas Tax Repeal, we give them all HOPE and they’ll be with us as we take on other bad policies in the future!

Carl DeMaio
Reform California – Gas Tax Repeal Initiative
PS: Please do what you can today by contributing online here – and/or giving me some names and phones/emails of people we can pitch for contributions.