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Full Version: ECO-friendly is the new status symbol
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Forget flashy cars and designer bags, being ECO-FRIENDLY is the new status symbol: Buying Fairtrade and giving to charity are the latest ways to keep up with the Joneses

Economist said fast cars, diamonds and parties have fallen out of fashion . In many cases, these are seen as being distasteful and crass .Instead, donating to charity and buying Fairtrade are now signs of status.  Eco friendliness, such as making a point of carrying a reusable cup for coffee shops drinks, also counts towards social status. Forget a four-wheel drive, loft extension and long-haul holiday. To keep up with the Joneses, all you need do show off your green credentials.

Economists said that ostentatious displays of wealth have fallen out of fashion - and are even seen as crass.

Instead, conspicuous donations to charity, buying second-hand clothes, collecting 'useless' university degrees, using politically correct language and making a point of not watching television are all signs of status.
Funny, because Eco Friendly means nothing. Any product can claim that as there are zero guidelines stipulating what that means.