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Full Version: Facebook's Search Bar Briefly Autocompleted to (NSFW)
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If you typed “video of...” into Facebook’s search bar tonight, you might have seen some disturbing results. The social media platform briefly autocompleted strange phrases for many of its users, such as “video of girl sucking dick under water” and “video of little girl giving oral.”

The issue appears to have been fixed within the last hour, however, and these results are no longer appearing.

Dozens of people have shared screenshots of these results on Twitter. When I attempted to test this on my own Facebook account, I was served the first phrase, but not the latter one.

Motherboard Managing Editor Emanuel Maiberg, did not see any of the two results, but did see results unrelated to his Facebook or internet activity.

It’s unclear why Facebook is autocompleting these phrases. And it’s even more confusing, since neither of the autocompleted phrases return any hits—there are no videos, to my knowledge, on Facebook that are even remotely associated with these two topics.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment, but we will update our story should the company respond. We do not know how something like this might happen, and Facebook isn’t very transparent about the mechanisms behind its search algorithms.

You'll get some similar results when attempting to type certain searches on YouTube too. I watched a video the other day(I'll have to look for it) where the the auto-complete was popping up with some disturbing results...
It is tossing down bread crumbs like dirty stinking filthy entrappers and sweeping up the searchers into the same dust pan and tossing them into the DATA prison..