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Full Version: The media is lying about the state of the economy.
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"The news that Toys "R" Us is closing might conjure up wistful childhood memories for shoppers. But for the chain's 31,000 U.S. employees, it means they're out of a job."

and they aren't the only ones!

"Traditional retailers are on the ropes, with a record 7,000 stores closing last year, according to Coresight Research. That's more than triple the number of closings in 2016. Employment in the retail sector suffered a net decline of 29,300 jobs last year, according to the Labor Department."

Then they think you won't notice the conflicting statement they make.

"At least the Toys "R" Us employees will be looking for work in a good job market. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low of 4.1%, and because it is so low, lots retailers are desperate to find workers."

If retailers are on the ropes, then they aren't going to be desperate to find workers.

CNN is obviously lying, and so is Trump and the conservative media.

A very good breakdown of the real problem is found here.
This seems to be a conflated response to a complicated subject, economics.

first, this article is projecting what deficits will be ten years in the future, which is nearly impossible to do in reality. Such projections rely on static modeling of a dynamic economy. for example, during the 2003 Bush tax cuts, the same arguments were made, but the tax cuts actually increased gross taxes collected. the opposite happened in the State of Kansas, where taxes were cut in 2012, but the poor national economy overrode the claimed increases in state tax revenues that had been expected.

there is little argument that the Ryan RINO Republicans sold out their base, which placed them in office expecting to get conservative economic principles in taxes and budgeting. obviously these geniuses are relying on the same static modeling which keeps them feeding the addict of big government like good little keynsians.

how does all this relate to a completely different issue: the change in the internet age from high cost brick and mortar retail establishments to discounted globally supplied products via modern delivery. Complaining about the decline of retail shopping malls, and their over-priced retail goods in favor of what modern people perceive as the convenience of shopping online, is much like complaining about the demise of Blacksmiths due to the automobile age. change can be painful, but the overall increased productivity is more important to the overall economy.