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Full Version: When did the sky Trumpet sounds begin?
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The 'trumpet' sounds seem to be here to stay, no matter what they are.

But when did they begin?

Considering they shot to fame on You Tube - which started in 2005 - is this just a new phenomenon that can be shared on social media or is becoming widespread because of social media?

GLP was on it back in January 2009, as per this post.

The OP said;
This is being hushed by Governments Worldwide. "ABSOLUTELY NO" media access what so ever.
Started at 12:00 EST today. ETA of trumpet sounds reaching the surface of Earth are 3-6 weeks or less. The waves are completely unexplainable because they are building on themselves in all directions.
A lot of freaking out going on where I work. Government officials calling in panic.

If anyone has an interest like myself, please do chip in.
7 Feb 2011

11 Aug 2011
Kiev, Ukraine
Now, this is the one video everyone claims is copied by others.
If so, then what about the videos which came before?
Even if the subsequent videos are just hoaxes and copy the same audio from the Kiev video (which I don't believe is true in all cases) then the previous videos cannot bear the same accusation
Sept 2011,
Glens Falls, NY.
Bizarrely, there are over 10 videos from just January 2012!!!

Chicago, IL.  
Edmonton Alberta Canada
Tripods are warning us! Nonetheless, this is REALLY fucking cool! It's like something out of a sci fi movie! Also, I believe it has to do with solar flares hitting the magnetic field pulsating off of it at the right angle and creating a sound.

But I think it's Kthulhu. any idiot knows that -_- cmon now!
This one is February 2012

Texas? Texas

I haven't been able to update after that date.
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