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Full Version: Help Expose the Deep State!
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Mods, if this is inappropriate, please delete. But I thought it might help us to have a list of options on how to fight back, which we need to do desperately, IMO.

This link below goes to a Judicial Watch petition, but there are many other things we can be doing as we think about it. We have also been encouraged to fight back by not running away but fighting against Utube, Facebook, Twitter, Google. How I don't know, but group thinking we and others similar need to come up with suggestions.
I'm sure there are plenty of other laws on the books that are not being enforced.


(03-04-2018, 06:50 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure there are plenty of other laws on the books that are not being enforced.

I agree. I was trying to backtrack to find an article I saw earlier, but can't find it. It was about the Supreme Court majority agreeing that illegals can be detained indefinitely and not have access to a court, or something like that. Western Journalism, no, but something like that, a blue page. It just seems to pop up once in a while in my email, I guess it's time to save it.

This is something we are up against, and I don't know how we can fight it, but it's a big issue facing us. Threats from liberals that Conservatives need to be killed. God forbid if they act on it, but in reality they already have!

Liberal Group Says to Murder Republicans in Response to FL Shooting

I was watching a bunch of Dem leaders late last night talking about how to find what they have in common with the Conservatives to start communicating. Why do I not trust them? !!