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Full Version: how tragic..Terminally Ill Teen Dies Weeks After Fulfilling Last Wish to Marry His High School Sweetheart
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Dustin Snyder, the terminally ill teen who fulfilled his dying wish of marrying his high school sweetheart in January, has died after a battle with a rare form of cancer.

The 19-year-old Valrico, Florida native “got his wings” on Friday according to his big sister Brittany Hails.

“I love you Dustin Wade Snyder,” Hails wrote on Facebook, attached to a photo of her and Snyder. “No more suffering, god got you now.”

Snyder was given the devastating news of his terminal cancer at the beginning of January. Given just weeks to live, he told his mother Cassandra Fondahn that he wanted to tie the knot with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Sierra Siverio.

Five days later, his final wish came true after their entire community came forward to help make it happen.


I saw a DVD copy of the movie Beaches brand new in wrapping and everything. I thought, "should I buy this?" I did not. But, I may go back to buy it now. It may be one of those movies that raise emotions to deal with these type of events. Or, simply desensitizes people to them. That's why I did not buy it the first time. I'm uncertain if that's a good or a bad thing, being desensitized to tragic situations like these.