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Full Version: Turks Struck a Convoy of Kurdish Fighters ~ REALLY???
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(2) So what's wrong with the video?

(3) Correct.

None of the vehicles engines were on. There's no heat (black) coming from engines.

(4) The Kurds say it was an aid convoy.

(5) I haven't heard of the Kurds using human shields.

What's telling to me is that the convoy had stopped for the night when it was struck.

(6) That's why there were no engines on.

So I conclude that the Turks did indeed strike an aid convoy, an unambiguous war crime.

(7) I don't understand how the rest world expects me to be involved in their doings.

This is a war crime. For real.

Nobody cares.

(8) But let an ISRAELI withhold a cheery "Good morning!" to a Palestinian, and the UN will convene an emergency meeting.

This is insanity.

I don't involve myself in insanity.

(9) Bad show, Turkey.

Bad show all around.

And it's just going to get worse.

(10) A shame, but some people have to learn the hard way, don't they...?

[Image: tumblr_lpt6b9SEdl1qz9r2d.gif] The GCC will more than bloody the Turk's nose for this one.