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Full Version: ALL the Blind Mice in the TRAP ~ no wiggle room here!
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2. Again, if it turns out that ANYONE on Trump has been up to no good, they deserve justice. No one is above the law.

But this indictment is nothing to do with Trump at all.

3. It's quite simple. If Trump or his inner circle knew about Manafort & Gates Yanukovych work and/or money laundering and/or link to Tony Podesta, they deserve to be implicated. So did Trump or anyone on his team know?

Of course they didn't. The idea is ludicrous.

4. So what the hell were these two crooked clowns doing infiltrating themselves into Team Trump?

To me, it's as plain as day. Convinced that Clinton was going to win, they were trying to spy on Trump's people and also participate in a scheme to frame him.

5. So was that ambitious little bling-bling barn king, Papadopoulos. That little worm was being instructed by none other than Sergei Millian , who was engaged by Fusion GPS.

6. These assholes were spying on Team Trump and also tasked with setting up meetings with Russians.

Meetings that would corroborate the main charge in the dodgy dossier - Trump & Putin working together.

7. These Manafort/ Gates indictments are about illegal lobbying & a huge money laundering scam.

But they're ALSO about the link between Beavis Manafort/ Butthead Gates & the Podesta/Clinton gang. That's where this investigation is heading.

8. Slowly the dots between indictments are connecting. For example, take the Zwaan indictment. There's no way Mueller wouldn't have seen the links between the Skadden Arps partners (Craig & Sloan), the Manafort /Gates Yanukovych work - and the Clintons.

9. And remember, the fact that Mueller is indicating Papa & Zwaan is an indication that he is focussing on weak links in the chain - both young men, who will squawk under pressure.

10. Of course, in liberal la la land they will see this as yet another step closer to the fall of the evil Drumpf.

The problem for them? There is NO EVIDENCE of Team Trump's knowledge or involvement in any of this.


11. I would have expected to see at least one piece of evidence by now. Perhaps we still will.

But for now, all winds are blowing one way & it isn't toward Trump & Co.

The end.
2. Reality? Trump hadn't seen Manafort for decades : and it was Manafort who slimed his way into Trump's campaign, touting his GOPe connections, previous campaign experience and offering his services for free.

3. Everyone should read this article, written in early April 2017 - before Manafort was indicted. It's written by none other than NYTs resident sex pest, Glenn Thrush:

To Charm Trump, Paul Manafort Sold Himself as an Affordable Outsider
In letters and memos, Mr. Manafort emphasized his distance from Washington and his willingness to work for free during Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

4. Thrush paints the picture that it was Thomas Barrack, Trump's lawyer, who courted Manafort. But in the same article he writes that it was Manafort who approached Barrack - via a series of memos and emails boasting about how great he would be.
5. It was at just the right moment, as well. Behind the scenes, Trump's understaffed campaign team was under immense pressure and needed all the help it could get, as the article says.
6. Jan - April 2016 were critical months in Teams Clinton & Trump. Remember, by early 2016 the polls were beginning to tighten. Sure, everyone predicted an eventual Clinton win. But a string of polls in Jan and Feb showed Trump gaining ground on Clinton.
7. On May 24, Trump took the lead for the first time. Some 2 months before he won the GOP nomination.

My opinion? Privately, the Clinton campaign team was freaking out by Jan 2016, if not before. That's when they decided to put the Fusion GPS team into action.
8. It's interesting how dates coincide.

Manafort made his approach to Team Trump in Jan/Feb 2016 & was appointed on 29 March.

Papadopoulos made his approach at the same time, joining in mid-March. What else happened at that time?
9. The DNC/Clinton team was engaged with Fusion GPS, via Perkins Coie. The official line is that this started in 'early March' and that Fusion approached Perkins.

That sounds like BS to me.
10. When the truth emerges, I think we will see that Fusion GPS & the DNC/Clinton team were collaborating much earlier than that, possibly in late 2015.

We will see. Either way, Manafort, Papadopoulos & Fusion GPS all enter the scene AT THE SAME TIME.
11. Remember, Clinton was DESPERATE to conceal that the Fusion GPS dossier was linked in any way to her. Lying hag was forced to admit that she paid for it (and IMO planned it with Obama & his people) - in November 2017.

AP Source: Clinton Campaign, DNC Paid Fusion GPS for Trump Dossier | RealClearPolitics
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund political research into President Donald Trump that ultimately produced a...

12. Clinton wasn't the only one being dishonest. The Thrush article shows Manafort was DESPERATE to get onto Trump's team.

But what's more telling is what Manafort did NOT tell Trump, or Tom Barrack.

What's been revealed since that article was written? What do we now know?
13. That Manafort was operating a massive money laundering scheme to conceal income he earned for illegal lobbying, to prop up pro-Putin stooge, Yanukovych, in Ukraine.

14. That Manafort had been doing this with Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta - both Podestas just happening to be capos in the Clinton crime cartel.

And another thing:
15. That Manafort was STILL doing it when he approached Team Trump - in fact, he was doing it until at least January 2017:

16. Again, liberals like to spin that Manafort & Trump had been close confidantes for decades (a total lie) AND that Trump was fully aware of the Ukrainian/Russian connection above.

It's all BS. Trump knew none of it.
17. There's just no way Trump, let alone his senior insiders (eg Sessions) would let a guy connected to the Podestas/Clintons onto the campaign team.

Given that Clinton was the rival. 'D'oh' libtard face palm. Facepalm
18. And if he'd known of the Yanukovych work, Trump would have seen the risk immediately and told Manafort to get lost. He's no fool.

19. Also, as an aside: if Trump DID know and was in cahoots with Manafort, why would he give him such a high profile campaign role?

He wouldn't.
20. Wouldn't it be more sensible for Manafort to operate away from the noise and lights?

Of course it would. Libtards, help yourselves to another face palm Facepalm

But I digress.
21. So, why did Manafort not disclose what he knew, when he approached Trump? And more fundamentally, why was he desperate to work on the Trump campaign team?

What was Manafort tasked to do, once he got inside? And what benefit was he seeking, or promised, in return?
22. I think I know answers to these questions, but I'm certain that Mueller knows everything in detail.

Oh - so do Trump, Sessions and a number of other key players.

IMO if liberals think Mueller is their friend, they're in for a very rude shock.
23. When the truth emerges, it will explain the indictment of Papadopoulos, Gates & Manafort. Also, the disappearance of Tony Podesta.

And that NOTHING improper ever happened between Trump, his team and the Putin regime. The story was a Clinton/DNC lie from the start.
24. An ill wind is blowing, for sure. Straight toward the Clinton & Obama camps. And it is getting stronger by the day.


The end.
Thanks for the analysis, Daj. It was looking like a tangled mess to me for a while.

And through all of this, Trump seems to be playing it pretty cool. I bet he is really good at chess. Wink
(02-23-2018, 01:07 PM)Fritzy Ritz Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the analysis, Daj. It was looking like a tangled mess to me for a while.

And through all of this, Trump seems to be playing it pretty cool. I bet he is really good at chess. Wink

It is confusing, and there's some good researchers/dot connectors that pull it together.

But yanno?
Most peeps don't give a rat's ass on the mechanics they just wanna see peeps in jail. I post so many threads here that get ignored. Wanker