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Full Version: DNC in the HOLE ~ GOP Rollin' in it!
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[Image: tumblr_lpt6b9SEdl1qz9r2d.gif]  I'm thinkin' it's high time to LOSE both Dem & GOP parties.

[Image: 5e4596c462a4623aa6d70993d7211e437a70de18...11624e.png]
Yet both parties are the same. People just like one flavor more than the other now.
[Image: f7547c5fd0efc774a6f3592987fd5e1713e71c7a...7938dc.jpg]
If there has ever been a chance for a third major party. That chance is now. Independents  are the largest voting block in the nation. In 2020 I wouldn't surprised to see a serious third-party run  from them.

Besides that would help Trump. His base isn't going anywhere and the Democrats should lose some  votes.  All the  safe space seeking, crayon drawing, gender neutral, boneheaded liberal masses need is to see someone like Bernie saying free everything. Then there would be an exodus from the Democratic Party to the independent candidate and POTUS should pick up the conservative independents.