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Full Version: Welcome to the Paradigm Shift Where Trump's Talk Gets Walked!
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2. Paradigm shifts often take people by surprise. Thomas Kuhn popularized the concept in 1962 by applying it to science, but it's now understood as meaning a radical change that profoundly changes an entire society.

3. #MAGA IS a new movement, but also a restoration. Trump wants to replace Obama's America - a postmodern liberal prog hellhole - with an America founded on traditional US values, but adapted to the modern world. It is NOT just a reversion to pre-Obama/Bush USA.

4. The key difference? A genuine desire to dilute Federal power and return it to the citizenry, rather than vice versa (more Fed power - the model used by pretty much every US administration since WW2).

5. We are at the very start of a process. If it is to work, we require at least 6 terms of #MAGA administrations. IMO.

Trump will be the initial wrecking ball that wipes away the rotting corpse of the old order.

6. The idea (I think) is that Pence will then be the steady and calm POTUS required after 2024.

Assuming that Americans will keep voting for #MAGA, of course.

7. The world is changing. However, it's understandable that many citizens don't BELIEVE that it is. Hence the refusal to accept that criminals like Clinton will be indicted and jailed.

8. My pov? Her indictment, trial and jailing is already locked in. As are MANY others. Why? Not because it's pleasant. Because it's an ESSENTIAL part of cleansing the USA of the rot that's taken hold.

9. Not only must the rule of law be restored, it must be seen to be restored, for a jaded public to accept it. Have you noticed how scrupulous Trump was when releasing the Nunes/Gowdy memo?

The rules were observed TO THE LETTER. No short cuts or leaks.

10. There's another thing people keep forgetting. Trump is NOT a politician. When he makes a promise to do something, it gets done. It may take time, but it happens.

So when he says a wall will be built, you can be certain that a wall WILL be built. A big, imposing wall, too.

11. And when he says that as POTUS, he's going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and jail Hillary Clinton, that's EXACTLY what he is going to do.
How many times did he promise this in the campaign? At least ELEVEN times.


12. CNN, being hopelessly wrong as always, imply that 'buffoon Drumpf doesn't understand that the system just won't let him do what he wants'.

They are CLUELESS, trapped fighting Trump's caricature, his Jungian 'shadow' - which is exactly what Trump wants them to do.

13. Trump is a man of his word. He has said HUNDREDS of times 'I will never let you down.'

He knows that Clinton's indictment, trial and sentencing is not just a critical step in restoring law & order, but a key condition of his base's ongoing support.

14. If Clinton isn't investigated, indicted, trialled and sentenced he will create DOUBT in his base. Doubt is often a death sentence for leaders, because their supporters start considering alternate options.

Trump knows this full well.

15. In conclusion -  people are cynical and have doubt about seeing justice done, but guess what?

Trump understands this, which is why he wants to remove all doubt.

Another thing - the world has changed. Fundamentally. And you're in the middle of a paradigm shift.

16. Change can create fear, because of the instability it causes. What we are seeing now is a very well planned & controlled strategy to introduce radical change, without creating too much instability.

17. It will be a rocky ride at times, so buckle up. There's a lot of noise and turbulence, but it's not as effective as it's volume suggests.

Chillax. Take comfort knowing that Trump & his team have full control of the cockpit.


The end.


EXCELLENT! DJ! Above insightful. Should be in every newspaper this morning! Just wonderful!!


Pinned per request :)
(02-12-2018, 09:43 AM)~mc~ Wrote: [ -> ]Pinned per request :)

Thank you [Image: safetypin.jpg]
Small Things Grow Great . . .

(02-12-2018, 09:55 AM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ]Small Things Grow Great . . .

When you think about it...

This is exactly what DJT is doing with social media ~ especially regards the Q Phenom & Memes. Making people aware by the 'small' leading to the desired effect of taking down the 'large.'

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very good post and exactly the words I say to people as well! keep up the REAL resistance fight. He is absolutely what this country needs. a swift kick in the ass and a slap across the face "WAKE THE FUCK UP!" this country needs to remember it's roots of heritage and fight back against those that want to upend us and/or do us harm He leads the fight against them and will do whatever it takes to get us back to glory days. Trump knows exactly what he is doing and will continue to do so. He NEVER goes into anything blindly without a plan. many people still do not understand him or the way he does things. They get all bent out of shape when he says something or tweets something and then go "wtf? why would he say that". I'm glad they don't understand him because he can work without these oafs even paying attention to what he's TRULY doing.

Keep this way going. I love it and a lot of others love it as well

Wizard of the Vassals

but too late ,,, going to Venezuela .

Cuba , then Aruba , then Caracas .

Nope . not staying in the U.S.

taking far too long to reset the game .
check out time .

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Daj, thanks for posting this. There are a lot of nervous and discouraged folks out there right now, and I can't believe that ridiculous Montagraph vid is going viral. A guy associated with Clinton Foundation AND the 222 cult, so it has been said. His vids (he has lots of them) were overlooked until now. As your buddy would say... coincidence?

So I needed some good info to soothe the nervous, and you just provided it. Thank you!!

People really don't understand about freedom, do they? It's a new concept for them to understand that they are free to make up their own minds, and not swallow every bit of poop that comes down the pipeline.
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