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Full Version: have you ever heard of ..... the whigs ?
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found an interesting site today, unfortunately not maintained any more ( interestingly stops before the tump presidency ).

perhaps some american history buffs can confirm if the info found here, appears to be true.

my first read, just picked random, was zachary taylor ....... party ......WHIG ....

do the whigs sound familiar ??? ............

What was the Whig party and what did they believe?
It originally formed in opposition to the policies of President Andrew Jackson (in office 1829–37) and his Democratic Party. In particular, the Whigs supported the supremacy of the US Congress over the Presidency and favored a program of modernization, banking, and economic protectionism to stimulate manufacturing.

interesting reading....


I Kno wut yo sayins.:
for reals, yo!
im not alone..... funny how knowledge comes sometimes....

As someone who served as a Republican delegate from Pennsylvania during the 2016 election, and as a professor of political science and presidential history, I have some fresh political-historical observations untangled from partisan gossip about Donald Trump and his future presidency. It seems likely that Donald Trump, based on his policy announcements for his first 100 days, is very much in line with Whig presidents of the 1800s.

Many of Trump's proposed first actions are plans reducing and restricting presidential prerogatives during Barack Obama's presidency—very similar to Whig proposals responding to President Andrew Jackson. For example, Trump will examine trade policies such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, re-examine America's aggressive and overreaching foreign policy, and scale back restrictive environmental regulations that are disproportionately aimed at the coal and steel industries. He will implement a "Trump" rule that for every new regulation on business, two previous regulations must be repealed. He will fight against crony lobbying in Washington, offer legislation for Congressional term limits and begin an audit of many departments.


I think the Whigs and the Torys were taught in 8th history (at least in the past it was.)
The Whigs and The Torys (Tories) history:
" 18th century. Originally “Whig” and “Tory” were terms of abuse introduced in 1679 during the heated struggle over the bill to exclude James, duke of York (afterward James II), from the succession. "
"Whig—whatever its origin in Scottish Gaelic—was a term applied......"
"Tory was an Irish term suggesting......."
I thought the terms in US History were the Whigs vs. the Tories, however, now I think it may have been the "Whigs" vs the "Aristocrats."

Seems it was the Whigs vs the the 1830s as the leading opponent of Jacksonians
Whigs opposed Andrew Jackson.


Whoops "8th Grade History" not "8th History."