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Full Version: Why Trump is, like, Really Smart
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This is a too long to post read on understanding Trump.

Especially when one considers he's probably been told to keep being himself, doing what he's doing as it provides a massive distraction for the people whose heads are exploding...

Why Trump is, like, Really Smart...and You're Not.
Donald Trump did it once again - he made heads explode yesterday with an amazing trio of tweets wherein he defended his own mental stability and intelligence. It was vintage Trump, right up there with his "big nuclear button" tweet about North Korea.

Since so many of you seem to be outraged by these tweets and Trump's other habits, I'd like to walk you through yesterday's outburst and explain the underlying strategy using Trump's own words. You see, there is a method to his madness, and the longer you remain clueless about it, the higher your blood pressure is likely to get. I'm just here to do a public service and save lives. You're welcome. ..........

The above tweet is a vintage example of Trump playing the media. He knows he's going to get coverage when he throws that word in that tweet. He knows his haters are going to go ape-shit, and he knows those in on the joke are going to laugh and enjoy their popcorn while the clueless heads explode. ........

By trolling the media in such a way, Trump has been able to provoke them into gross over-reactions that almost always backfire to his benefit. Meanwhile he marches on with his agenda, leaving everyone else mired in a thick fog of #covfefe. Granted, Trump has tweaked the media so often that nearly 100% of his coverage is negative at this point. But that doesn’t seem to concern him (see below). Remember, he won the election under the exact same circumstances. His voters are in on the joke and don't care that he plays the media, as long as the results continue to roll in. .........
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Thanks for sharing, Guest. Yes, Trump has a definite
method to all he does including his fearless tweeting Chuckle
I think I'll press the "Pin Request" button on this thread.


Trump is about as smart as fermented dog shit.

Frippling Banjos

(02-11-2018, 05:09 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Trump is about as smart as fermented dog shit.

You're drunk on mad.
(02-11-2018, 05:18 AM)Frippling Banjos Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-11-2018, 05:09 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Trump is about as smart as fermented dog shit.

You're drunk on mad.

Don't put that person down ! That's the most intellectual thing they could formulate ! You should feel sorry for someone like that ! They are a lot smarter than most of Hillary's supporters !! See build them up !!
DJT shitposts and trolls like a boss. He FORCES the media to cover that which they would dearly love to ignore and he also gets the MSM and its enablers to commit ON RECORD ~ which will firmly anchor their future testimonies. Chuckle

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(((They))) allow him to do some changes domestically but the war mongering foreign policy is pretty much unchanged.
I had an interesting debate with my very liberal California cousin. Another cousin posted a meme on Facebook that made fun of Trump's promise to get Mexico to pay for the wall and now the wrangling in congress about tax payer funding. We went back and forth about the need for the wall and I got called a racist, etc. Then he said that the original post was about the campaign promise to get Mexico to pay for the wall and I had derailed the thread.

So I asked was he upset about the wall or just the funding for the wall? He has been strangely silent. You see when they claim that Trump isn't fulfilling a campaign promise, they get stuck. Secretly they want Trump to fail to keep his campaign promise but if it looks like he will fail they want to complain about it. A bigly conundrum for the Lefties.

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