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Full Version: Police: Don't share disturbing video of apparent child porn, even if seeking justice
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Quote:People are sharing a disturbing video of apparent child pornography on Facebook, saying they want the perpetrator to be found.

Police say that's exactly the wrong thing to do.

Several people sent the video to Scripps station WCPO in Cincinnati, which appears to depict an underage girl performing oral sex on an adult man. Many of the messages included the phrase "I want this to go viral." There's no indication where or when it was recorded, or who's in it.

Instead, notify Facebook and then delete the video from your account.

Tony Garrett, executive director of Central Alabama Crime Stoppers, told "some things point to" the video being made in Alabama. But there's no confirmation of that.



Disgusting :(
Not even clicking the link..
(02-04-2018, 12:31 AM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]Not even clicking the link..

Ditto here.
There must be a better way to find the pedos without spreading it all over facebook, etc.
thats why you dont let normal ppl use the internet.