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Full Version: Conspiracy Theory: Stephen Hawking Died and Was Replaced a Long Time Ago
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Editor’s Note: There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about Stephen Hawking: that he’s a cyborg/robot, that he’s taking pills like the ones depicted in the film Limitless in order to stay alive so long, and the one about to be presented for your consideration — that he actually died a long time ago and was simply replaced by a new, stand-in Stephen Hawking.

Others have said the only reason Hawking has become the fodder of such theories in recent years is that he came out publicly against the dangers of CERN. Either way, it is hard to deny this evidence is compelling. What do you think? At the very least, is Hawking the recipient of some amazing new medical breakthrough that is being withheld from the rest of the population that would enable a man with ALS to not only live to be 74 but actually appear to get younger over time?
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