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Full Version: Did Someone Fart Into A Microphone During The Steelers-Broncos Game?
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Before you flood the Uproxx Twitter account and e-mail inbox with angry responses, no, we are not making fun of an adorable child farting on national television during the Steelers-Broncos divisional round playoff game.

What we are doing, however, is laughing because of a fart sound that occurred while children were on television, which is totally different.

The kids were on the field because they were being honored for their participation in flag football. After Jim Nantz waxed poetically about the kids and whatnot, there was a pause, then a loud noise that could have been anything…but it’s way funnier if we pretend it was a fart.

watched the vid..i heard it.. laughed my ass off Jptdknpa
and speaking of farts