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Full Version: Anyone Of “Russian Descent” Now Targeted In Senate Investigation
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The Senate committee probing alleged Russian interference in the U.S. political system has deemed anyone “of Russian nationality or Russian descent” relevant to its investigation, according to a document obtained by TYT.

In an email dated December 19, 2017, April Doss—who serves as senior minority counsel on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI)—defined the scope of the committee’s inquiry as anyone a subject “knows or has reason to believe [is] of Russian nationality or descent.” The senior majority counsel for the SSCI, Vanessa Le, was cc’d on the emails.


The committee further requested materials related to “Russian persons” who were involved in some capacity in “activities that related in any way to the political election process in the U.S.”

Materials may include “documents, emails, text messages, direct messages, calendar appointments, memoranda, [and] notes,” the letter outlined.

Doss’s statement was in response to a request made by Robert Barnes, an attorney for Johnson, for clarification as to the SSCI’s definition of a “Russian person.”

How the committee expects subjects to go about ascertaining whether a person is of “Russian descent” is unclear.
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One of the "Russian persons" being investigated. He's Niko Bellic.
wow talk about stretching it lol. they really got nothing on this guy


If the witch hunt fails, create new witches.

This is ridiculous.
(12-30-2017, 10:31 AM)IRTdub Wrote: [ -> ]If the witch hunt fails, create new witches.

This is ridiculous.

Maybe they can get info from 23andme to find out who has Russian DNA Jptdknpa I say let the DNC spend the rest of their funds on these things and bleed out.
imagine if they did this to Israelis?