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Full Version: Active Shooter Aventura Mall Miami, FL
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Breaking now.

Updates to follow

In the Macy's Mens department


Pinning for more info :(





Grinch? Busting shots in a throw-down?


(12-23-2017, 09:14 PM)Thigh High Sock Wrote: [ -> ]

Unpinning Chuckle Anon
Coincidentally Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has an office very near that mall.

You know, the twit who allowed Pakistanis access to sensitive material.

[Quote] February: Capitol Police accuse five IT staffers of trying to steal House equipment and violating House security policies, report BuzzFeed and Politico. They are shared employees who work for 30 or so members of Congress. Capitol Police ban the five from access to the House of Representatives network while it investigates. Investigators tell lawmakers that it's up to them to decide whether to fire the accused staffers.

Awan is one of those staffers accused. Most of the others are related to him, including his wife, Hina Alvi.

February–March: Politico follows up on the fate of the staffers and finds some Democratic lawmakers have kept them on the payroll, Wasserman Schultz included. While Capitol Police claim there may have been potentially serious IT violations, these lawmakers see it differently.

The IT staffers have worked for many of the offices for more than a decade, and some Democratic lawmakers said they were concerned these staffers may have been targeted by Capitol investigators because they are Muslim and from Pakistan. [Unquote]

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