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Full Version: Alabama Secretary of State Launches Fraud Investigation Following Roy Moore Senate Election Loss
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Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill announced on Monday he was launching an investigation into potential voter fraud in the Alabama U.S. Senate special election, which took place last week.

Democrat Doug Jones won the election taking 49.9 percent of the vote to Republican Judge Roy Moore’s 48.4 percent, with approximately 20,700 votes separating the two, according to The New York Times.

Merrill explained to WALA that his office will be investigating statements made by a Doug Jones supporter at the candidate’s election night party. The unidentified man said that he and others came from around the country to vote for the Democrat.

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WALA reporter Kati Weis asked him, “Why are you excited to see this victory?”

He responded, “Because, we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected!”
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(12-31-2017, 12:59 AM)JF Priest Wrote: [ -> ]

I hope President Trump has seen this vid.
soooo............................................where are these women now that were so called "scarred for the rest of their lives" and will "keep up the fight for women everywhere"? hmm? if that wasn't the biggest bullshit ruse and it was all true, those women would still be going after Roy Moore now that a democrat won. but? where are they? suddenly silence. nothing. nadda. zilch. zip. zero. Nothing. It's simply disgusting to me how somebody or a group of people can come out and accuse people of things as disgusting as what supposedly roy moore did and then slander his life, only to disappear off the face of the planet and do absolutely nothing about it.

if they were "oh my goooddd im sooo scarred" for this whole time and couldn't wait until they could tell there story, then where the fuck are they? It was all a setup to defame and slander roy moore. am I saying roy moore is completely innocent and didn't go out with younger girls? no.... but to say he's a pedophile, monster, rapist, molester without having ANY FACTS WHATSOEVER or NO pics, no words, nothing at all that connects him to these girls, is revolting to me.

That's different than things like Al Franken, Bill Clinton and all those shit stains that there are actually good amount of witnesses and facts and pictures to. But I digress.

People who make up things about people and then remain silent should be held accountable. I'm convinced it was all a ploy and made up bullshit....and it worked this time. The moral of the story here is this: you want to get revenge on somebody because you don't like them? or want to ruin their lives? tell everybody you saw them do things to children or young girls or boys. That will get people to turn against them. Lie, manipulate and deceive people into thinking that person is evil. That's the moral of the story here. for some reason a lot of people believed it.

you get what you wanted alabama. good job.