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Full Version: Was bitcoin created by an artificial intelligence to rule the world
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“Robot scripts can hire people, they can invest in things with cryptocurrency, and hedge funds even use robot-advisors with some sense of individuality already,” elucidates Mr. Garzik, who believes self and identity are the minimum for having an ‘electronic person,’ the policy term for a robot with legal recognition.
‘Robots’ do trade amongst themselves already on Wall Street. The U.S. brokerage and banking company Charles Schwabfinancial analysts are being replacedTwitter
Bots also read Reuters, AP, CNBC Financial Times, Bloomberg to forecast how world events might impact the market it trades – from particular assets, equities, commodities, etc.
“Both stock trades and real world events like Brexit happen so fast,” the former bitcoin core developer reasons, “that humans cannot react to this huge volume of information quickly and in an unemotional, logical manner. Crypto currencies and machine learning are thus converging rapidly.”

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This AI Tested Elon Musk's Writing to See if He's Bitcoin's Mystery Creator

The tech entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX denied it himself last week after a former SpaceX intern rekindled the longstanding rumor. But some have argued that denying it is exactly the sort of thing the person behind the “Satoshi Nakamoto” pseudonym would do when confronted. Now, more concrete proof has arrived from an artificial intelligence that compared the two’s writing styles.
“We don’t know for sure who Satoshi Nakamoto really is,” the team behind Unicheck tells Inverse in an email. “But Emma is a useful instrument for checking out rumors and can help in the investigation. Anyone can just take some writing samples of a person, who is supposed to be Satoshi, and compare it to Nakamoto’s writing identity.”

Elon says we are releasing the demon when we develop artificial intelligence -T
In my unbiased opinion. Hold on. I think it is MK ULTRA CIA behind the Opiate crises bit coin a host of things as well behind the JFK Our beloved musicians aged 27. All is speculation

[Image: CBDmAzR.jpg]

Seems to be a bubble about to pop, who knows

Bitcoin is up to over $11,000 recently, I don't know if there are fundamentals for that kind of price or does anyone know what would cause that?
(12-10-2017, 12:17 AM)titanic1 Wrote: [ -> ]Bitcoin is up to over $11,000 recently, I don't know if there are fundamentals for that kind of price or does anyone know what would cause that?

It cost 1200 for a miner or atleast 800 if you build it yourself,and you make about 30cents per miner per day(minus electricity), its maybe worth it to invest but if the bubble pops you lose alot. theres no future in mining, its just people are investing because of popularity
double post
Good explanation, yeah, the equipment to do the calculations is really pricy.
But.. did you write it down.?



BTC was not invented by AI to rule the world, that's fucking retarded. A virtual coin on a blockchain can not rule the world.

The crazy price rise is directly due to illegal wash trading, manipulation, fraud, massive speculation and pure FOMO.

Check out the Twitter Bitfinex'ed, he makes a solid case for serious fuckery that is responsible for probably 80-90% of the so-called value of BTC and the alts.

Will be remembered by history as the greatest fraud-based speculative bubble in history.

I can't wait to watch it crash and burn.. Troll2
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