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Full Version: In the most Japanese story ever: 3 people were killed with a katana, one of whom used it to commit suicide, at shrine
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Tomioka Hachimangu shrine, established in 1627

An apparent murder-suicide involving a samurai sword at a Tokyo religious shrine has left the head priestess dead, along with her assailant brother and his girlfriend.

Thursday night's attack at the Tomioka Hachimangu shrine, established in 1627, was captured by nearby security cameras.

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police believe that Shigenaga Tomioka, 56, and his girlfriend, thought to be in her 30s, ambushed his 58-year-old sister, Nagako Tomioka, who was the shrine's chief priestess. The sister's chauffeur was also attacked.

The Japan Times reports that police suspect that Shigenaga Tomioka killed his sister, stabbing her in the chest and stomach with a knife as his companion chased down the driver with a traditional Japanese sword, slashing him in the arm and chest. His injuries were nonetheless not life-threatening, the newspaper said.

According to the Times, "The two attackers then moved to the shrine premises, where Shigenaga Tomioka stabbed his accomplice in the chest and stomach and then stabbed himself in the left side of the chest multiple times." _ continue
(12-08-2017, 11:31 PM)Twaddle Wrote: [ -> ]*jaw hanging*

That's not very Japanese at all actually. Super over the top this kind of attack. I'm shocked...

It's the movies. Boy they depict their ancient past in just the same manner. I have a few dvds from the bargain barrel

Oh they are all about fighting in ancient traditional garb. Swinging katakana swords. Suicides over principles.Love interwoven throughout always a princess and the other man. Out come the Katakana swords ow and karate moves ohi uh flying stars whoosh whoosh. Fighting sticks click click.Daggers uh uh plop

I have a few dvds but violent AH SO