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Full Version: Finally! The Meaning of Covfefe
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This made my day...

Comment from this video is enlightening

Haden Wilson
5 months ago
it's a multi-layer troll, like an ogre. First off COV FE'FE, when
entered into google translate it asks "did you mean to type "Sawf faqaf"
(pronounced phonetically as So Fuck off) .." which translates the
message to "despite all the negative press i will stand up, so fuck
off." if you translate it into the atomic numbers for cobalt vanadium
iron and iron it becomes 27232626, which links directly to a scientific
journal's findings on hermaphroditic green toads. he's playing you with
fucking memes normie.


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(12-03-2017, 07:27 PM)DaJavoo Wrote: [ -> ]This made my day...