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Full Version: Dark (Netflix Series)
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has anyone watched it yet?  popnana

made in germany so it kinda sucks. but it's still watchable.

it's a drama and kinda about time travel and missing children and a small german village and it's secrets.

wikipedia Wrote:The first season received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many critics noting the series' similarity to the 1990s TV series Twin Peaks and the 2016 Netflix series Stranger Things. Praise was given to the series' tone, the complexity of its narrative and its pacing.[6] Many critics claimed that the series was darker and more in depth than Stranger Things, and far more evocative of the tone of Twin Peaks.[7]

However, some criticism was directed towards the series' heavy-handed approach towards its message, the lack of sympathetic characters and the unoriginality of certain aspects of the series.[8] The first season has a score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.0 out of 10.[9]

most german movies and tv series are unoriginal and lack sympathetic characters (it's a german thing). Chuckle


(12-03-2017, 05:18 PM)Twaddle Wrote: [ -> ]This is a positive review?

i liked it so far... but it's so german... Chuckle
ok. watched all of it. my rating: 7 out of 10.
I like German films..
(12-03-2017, 06:57 PM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I like German films..



I’ve never heard of it but your reviews don’t sound very good

(12-03-2017, 06:57 PM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I like German films..

Cartman's mom was in some German cinema...
(12-03-2017, 07:06 PM)flipper666 Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-03-2017, 06:57 PM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I like German films..


Christiane F is one of my fav films. The white ribbon was exceptional cinema.. brilliant..

The lives of others.. didnt that win an oscar? Excellent.