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Full Version: The "Merry Christmas Let's Post Happy Christmas Stuff Here" thread.
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I have sampled literally hundreds of different cherry cakes, apricot cakes, pineapple fruitcake, peach fruitcake, dark fruitcake and more over the years.... and i still can't decide which i like best ... so i enjoy the fact that i usually get to sample more of the same at Christmas time <grin>
(12-19-2017, 01:21 AM)Thigh High Sock Wrote: [ -> ]



Happy Winter Solstice! 8:27AM PST, Thursday, December 21. May the solar system support our further enlightenment. May the powers that be protect and support us through the long, cold, dark, shivering, booger freezing, snowey, icy, brutal, depressing, silent, fucking Winter ahead. May my windshields be ice free. May my assbone withstand the strain of so many falls. May my wood out last the bull shit. May I worship the warmth of the pot bellied stove as little as possible. Meaning warmer fucking days. May all the poor wittle animals find some comfort, somewhere in that vast freezing, inhospitable landscape they call home. May our hearts and souls not freeze as well. Protect us, O Great Pubah, from the whacking called Winter. Tanks

PS. Don't freeze my fucking plumbing or any crap like that or I am going to come unglued. Just sayin. And it would be awesome if you don't chill any of my car locks or toilet seats. Please, O pretty please, don't let anyone, even any enemies I might have, get that fucking flu shit that comes from who knows what shithole somewhere in the world. And when it becomes all dismal and gloomy and what not, remind us all that it is only temporary and we will soon have reason to rejoice, just so we can go round and round and round this god damned mouse wheel once again and again and again. DAMN! Old man Winter, I try to love you but where is my summer? My heights? My mount of olives?
Seriously tho. May as many folks as damn well possible have the warmest of holidays. Let's one and all use this down time to revaluate our lives. Lastly, may Santa find it in his heart to bring me that penis and nutsack warmer. Namaste', on this and everyday.
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