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Full Version: North Korea just fired a ballistic missile
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North Korea has fired a ballistic missile, according to the South Korean Military.

Officials in Seoul said a rocket-tracking radar was turned on at a missile base in the North on Monday followed by a large amount of radio chatter, the Yonhap news agency reported.

Tokyo was also placed on alert after radio signals were picked up, with one official telling the Kyodo news agency that a test could take place 'within the next few days.'

Trump said if one goes near Guam it gets real..
World War 3 fears: North Korea launches ICBM - South Korea FIRES missile back
Trump expected yo speak soon...
This one went about 2800 miles up into space, by far the highest they've reached yet. This means a much longer range than they previously had.


Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and the Manchurian Candidate are all responsible for allowing the Central Int...err uh...nvmd.

.@POTUS on North Korea ICBM launch: "We will take care of that situation."


[Image: DPv54nzUEAAGdOC.jpg]

Those two scumbag demonrats skipping their duties don't care about North Korea.

Mrs. Nancy is going to find out her dementia ruse isn't going to work on the American people when the hammer of justice comes crashing down on her peanut head.
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