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Full Version: Hoollyyyy.....Thanksgiving 3 tier pie (for my cooks/bakers)
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Pinned in case anyone wants to try this.


This is cool!
Isn't that a creative idea. I'd like turkey pot pie on the bottom then smashed potatoes and topped with a dish of gravy please.
Thank you.
A four-layer with potatoes! Nice idea, Shadow. Should gravy be a moat underneath or a pump-push fountain atop?

Hot water cornbread crossed my palate many times long before pan cornbread, but never in my wildest dreams did hot water CRUST like this ever cross the culinary brain barrier. Gotta be like molten steel. Kudos, Twaddle!!!!


Although probably delicious

I'm just repeating back to myself;

"Mashed potato pie...mashed potato pie.."

The more I say it,the worse it sounds



Sadly no sweety,I had an apache wife.

She didn't know how to make a pie out of Beans ,tortillas and corn:)
What time should we be there? I'll bring the wine
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