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Full Version: There’s a Huge Secret Vault in Giza’s Great Pyramid, and Nobody Knows Why
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A large previously unknown void has been detected within the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to a bombshell study released Thursday in Nature. The find marks the first time in over a century that any major structure has been discovered within this mother of all heritage sites, and indicates that the Great Pyramid, also known as Khufu's pyramid, has a chamber, or series of chambers, that has likely remained hidden since the pyramid's construction 4,500 years ago.
Yeah I saw that this morning. Maybe it's where all the treasure or alien technology is hidden.

[Image: ScanPyramids_Big_Void_3D_Artistic_view_h...on__1_.png]
This has been suspected since 1999. Its good that someone finally got permission to actually look for the other entrance.

Quote:Two dates that, for the architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, punctuate some twelve years of research into the “why” and particularly the “how” of Egypt’s pyramids. Two highlights punctuating the development of a “theory”, the foundations of which date back to 1999, when Jean-Pierre’s father, Henri Houdin, an engineer, had an intuition that something was wrong with the “standardized” presentation of the Great Pyramid’s construction. Hence the idea of the internal ramp, which subsequently fit the developments we know about.

In an exclusive interview given to Pyramidales, Jean-Pierre Houdin presented the main themes of Khufu Reborn, which is his new interpretation of the internal structures and the environment of the Pyramid of Khufu.

Various articles in this blog have already been devoted to this subject: the antechambers, the King’s Chamber, the “Noble Circuit”, the layout of the Giza Plateau, etc.

The entrance to the pyramid has also been re-interpreted by Jean Pierre Houdin, who offers the following details to Pyramidales’ readers.
This is an explanation of "why" there is another chamber.

Quote:Two Entrances to the King’s Chamber and How They Were Sealed—More With Jean-Pierre Houdin

Posted by: Keith Payne

Is there a second, as of yet unopened, entrance to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid? How did the ancient builders seal the burial chamber? Measuring the entrance that we do know about suggests that the sealing block would have fit into the entrance like a cork, but this cork was made to plug the neck from within the bottle. In other words, the sealing block could only have been closed from within the King’s Chamber.

So who pushed the block into place, when did they do it, and how did they get out? Human sacrifice within royal tombs had not been practiced since the early years of the Second Dynasty, so, cork or no cork, ultimately the King’s Chamber had to be sealed from the outside. How do we reconcile this contradiction?

This is the fourth in a series of articles and interviews conducted by Marc Chartier, writer and webmaster of the French-language site Pyramidales, with Jean-Pierre and other key members of Team Khufu, provided in English exclusively to Em Hotep.