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Full Version: Swedish TV Celebrates Launch of Arabic ‘How-To’ Sex Book For Newly Arrived Migrants
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A Swedish journalist is launching a new series of sex education books, which he says are aiming to answer key questions posed by newly arrived migrants about how to meet people, how to flirt, and how to have sex.
Aiming to reach as many people as possible, the explicitly illustrated book Me and You will be published in three editions. As well as Swedish, there will also be an Arabic language version “especially for those who are new to Sweden”.

The books follow a previous title by the author, the Simple Sex Book for children (pictured above).

The book was featured on Sweden’s TV4 Tuesday morning, where a number of the illustrations were revealed to the breakfast show’s audience. In one, a bearded and hooded man is shown imagining a group sex fetish scene where one woman wears Mickey Mouse ears as she mounts a man, while another woman wields a flogger.

Another picture appears to address the issue of underage sex abuse, in which an apparently young girl embraces an adult woman, and asks whether they can have sex — the adult replies that she wants to wait.

Explaining the process of creating the book on his website, former government radio journalist Inti Chavez Perez states he “interviewed hundreds of young people, new arrivals, immigrants and born Swedish people”. Answering the questions they posed, Perez explains in the book “How do you get in touch with someone in a hurry and how do you get together?”, as well as, “Is masturbation dangerous?”
Yes, a booklet and diagrams are going to help a lot! Eyeroll

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