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Full Version: Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Route 91 Harvest Festival Mass Shooting
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Table of contents

1. Forward 1
2. Paddock's life 1
3. False flag 1
4. The shooting 1
5. Concert scene 1
6. Multiple shooters/ 1
7. Police scanners 2
8. Surveilance/cameras? 2
9. Windows 2
10. Motel room 3
11. Occult significance 3
12. Who benefits? 3
13. Paddock alive? 4
14. The cover-up 4
15. Resources 5
16. Unanswered 5
17. Commentary/ 6




I have been accumulating everything that I come across on this suspicious national tragedy that raises questions and eyebrows. Since day 1 Oct.

Have wanted to post it, but had to tie up so many unanswered questions, and chase down more leads. And work, family and life balance, sporadic.

I am hoping this thread can stand alone as a repository of information readily accessible, and not be merged on page 101 of the original LV Mandalay Bay shooting thread.

But instead it could be a small library, a resource that can be expanded upon.
I get lost in those 100 page threads. But I must give credit to many here who dug up material and posted it there, that I used here, or was a lead into more info.

Topic areas, new finds, people's insights, posts and replies with links, breaking videos and corrections; I can add by edit to each topic or make more.
I put a lot of time and work into this.

Some parts are a bit hurried, some with less comment or theory, some just lists of videos or links that were important or relevant.

Hopefully my reader will take something meaningful from it.

I hope and pray there will be more investigations, revelations, disclosures, and justice will reach those responsible.
The victims and their families will heal and get closure.
And that America can overcome this tragedy, the wounds and division need to be healed.


The Las Vegas Route 91 'Harvest' Concert Shootings that occurred Bloody Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

What we have now, 9 days later on this  Wednesday Oct. 10th is a prevailing narrative.

Our controlled mainstream media sources have ONLY a narrative. They have no longer allowed discrepancies, inexplicable  contradictions to their "facts", evidence or even the laws of sound and physics, to change that narrative.

They are maintaining exclusively the "official" story of the "lone gunman" narrative. The FBI has told its agents and the Clark County Sherrif to stand down on all second or multiple shooter/shooting investigations.
Compliant and complicit Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are manipulating, censoring and deleting content that falls outside of that narrative.

There was shooting, shooters, reports of shooting and suspicious activity at 7 hotel casinos and adjacent locations to, and possibly within the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert. I have compiled videos, photos, screenshots and eyewitness testimony of those incidents.

This was a false flag terrorism operation blamed on a patsy who does not have a motive. A mass murder of predominantly country western people, constitutionalists, patriots, conservatives, traditionalists, and Christians. There were people of every facet of America there, enjoying country music.

Many dark symbols associated with illuminati were present around this shooting. So many that it is more than simple coincidence. I will detail those later. Suffice this for now:
within this coordinated and planned mass murder; its location, names, titles, and occult symbolism, numerology... there was a satanic blood festival in front of the pyramid, sphinx, and phalic obelisk.
A lot of planning went into this diabolical massacre.

Too much planning to call this the random act of a playboy millionaire with everthing to lose.
You can't have this many people shot, killed and wounded, police reports and dozens of eyewitness accounts of shootings and armed men at 7 separate hotel Casinos down the strip at roughly the same time, and call that a "lone gunman". Not with any shred of honesty and public responsibility.

In fact, it is criminal conspiracy to officially hide the facts of multiple shooters, evidence tampering and arranging, faked crime scenes.
2500+ shots fired spanning 10 minutes, from a 32nd story window, with 100 brass bullet casings on the floor.
All this mayhem the result of one single clumsy old drinking video poker playing retiree with no motive, no extremist political or religious beliefs.
Carried out with 2 bump stock assault rifles that would have overheated, melted and failed after a few hundred consecutive auto-fired rounds. There are at least a dozen videos that night showing the Mandalay Bay 32nd floor and not one muzzle flash from that 32nd floor location.

The gross and ridiculous crime scene evidence photos.
The placement of items in the room,  the arrangement of Stephen Paddock, the suspicious blood patterns, drips, coagulation, head and chest shot looking like a signature hit.
The AR on bipod over his leg was placed after he was lain out. Another AR impossibly beneath him. Two congealed blood pools an hour apart behind his head. Clean brass atop a pool of blood. Some blood printed AR brass set neatly on the blood. A 357 revolver supposedly the suicide weapon with a big splotch of smeared blood on it laying a foot from the right hand of a left-handed man.

Over a series of posts I will provide topic-focused evidence collected from videos, photos, testimony, that contradicts and proves the mainstream narrative is false, irresponsible, misleading, full of holes and lies. Raise many facts and issues that prove this was a well-planned act by multiple gunmen strategically placed to cause diversion, to direct fire from several locations, to trap and herd the concert-goers into kill zones.
That the Mandalay Bay hotel room 32135 was likely not where all the gunfire came from. That there are eyewitnesses that reported suspects dressed as security guards at the event. And a video that looks like event security firing. That this attack was carried out by a sophisticated, well-planned group of highly-trained and efficient killers. That they must have or had high level assistance and help, and/or official clearances that allowed access, and cover to carry out these attacks.

An attack like 911; Suspicious, censored, calculated, agenda-fulfilling.
We cannot wait five or ten years until researchers and sleuths have uncovered facts. Free exchange of information is in jeopardy.
We cannot wait until the trail goes cold, truth is buried, and its all been deleted.
A Vegas Mass Shooting Commission is not going to provide the answers, justice, or closure.

Paddock's money, earnings, property, life, travels, home locations, guns

There is no motive.
It was mentioned that Paddock frequented country music festivals and concerts.
He had no strong religious, political, fanatical associations according to friends, family and police investigations. The Islamic, ISIS, Antifa, angles are speculative, hearsay, and not borne out conclusively with any hard evidence so far, and if some appears 9 days later it is suspect.
Never arrested, no police interractions found on record.

Reportedly earned 5 million dollars last year.
This guy was a multi-millionaire living a fantasy life of 7 star hotels, cruises, luxury vacations blowing triple digits on a weekend without a care.

If he planned this so meticulously, then he didn't snap, erupt, or have a sudden meltdown. He booked the room weeks in advance.

"Paddock lived with his girlfriend in an upscale 55+ retirement community in Mesquite, Nev., about 80 miles from Las Vegas. He bought the 2,018-square-foot home in 2015 for $369,000, according to the Review-Journal. Paddock also paid $238,000 in 2013 for a home in the Sierra Canyon by Del Webb community in Reno—where properties now list for $300,000 to $600,000. In addition, the Reno Gazette Journal reported that Paddock owned a condo at the Montage in downtown Reno before selling it in December 2016.

"He brought with him at least 10 suitcases, and inside them was a stockpile of weaponry and equipment that included 23 firearms, a computer, and video cameras Paddock set up inside and outside the room, apparently in order so he could see anyone approaching the suite."

Altogether, Paddock owned over 50 guns. He purchased at least 33 guns, the vast majority of which were rifles, in the 12 months before the mass shooting, an ATF official told CBS News. Assuming most of the rifles he bought were of the high-end variety found in Paddock's Mandalay Bay suite, he easily spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on guns in recent times."

Former co-worker says he cared about his co-workers and their lives. "He cared about people, goofball sense of humor, was generous with his tenants" she said

[Image: Capture_2017-10-10-12-52-05.png]

[Image: Capture_2017-10-10-12-51-35.png]

False flag clandestinely controlled preparations, some evidence.


Three army tractor trailer rigs parked in Tropicana parking lot adjacent to event.

The false flag checklist


A false flag with actual bullets fired.
The setup of circumstances where police and first responders, casino employees, and security have been pre-conditioned to respond to the scenario as if it were a drill.
This conditioning suspends belief in the reality of events on the ground occuring. Response and participation, commitment will be adversely effected. Responding to a drill, and responding to a real situation, there is a big difference in how effective performance and crucial decisions will occur.
Confusion and shock are likely. Transition to live-fire, real casualties scenario wastes precious time, requires changes in tactics and assignments, priorities, directives.
This misdirection and redirection hits morale and effectiveness. Seems to have impacted the response time on Oct. 1st at this event.
With the coordination of multiple shootings and distractions all down the strip, this seems to have been preconditioned psychological operations diabolically precalculated.

This link has details and insight into false flag combined with real events:

"False Flag Theories Crash Into
Brutal Realty In Las Vegas"


Notice posted requiring completion of Active Shooter Training due Sept. 30th Casino Essentials online training.

"Vegas union worker blows whistle on “mandatory active shooter training” which was due “Sept. 30” at “12 a.m.”

""A Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a 'mandatory active shooter training' with a 'due date of Sept. 30, 2017'"

a drill held on the same day to serve as cover encase operatives or the shooter(s) were caught bringing weaponry into the Mandalay Bay?

The bulletin also mentioned “training in casino essentials” and talked about “completion of the course.”

Crisis actors for Las Vegas ad

[Image: Las_Vegas_Crisis_Actors_2.jpg]

What are the odds

"What are the odds that DHS was in Nevada not long ago as part of a plan that ran from last November right up until very recently, mimicking events like the one that just happened, by pure coincidence?"

Photo screencap of calls for crisis actors


[Image: Screenshot-2017-10-05-at-2.28.39-_PM.png]

"Chief M.D. of Vegas hospital’s emergency department says ‘mass casualty incident disaster drill’ was initiated after massacre took place

By Lexi Morgan

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Chief Medical Doctor of the Emergency Department at Vally Hospital Medical Center and longtime Chief Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Doctor Jeffrey Davis admitted on camera that a ‘mass casualty incident disaster drill’ was activated after the massacre in which 58 people were killed.

The famous doctor said that he was at home Sunday night when got a call (around 10 p.m. local time) from one of his office directors who notified the doctor that there was ‘possibly’ a mass shooting with multiple victims and that the hospital was going to activate a ‘mass casualty incident’ or ‘disaster drill.’ "

"Was a FEMA/DHS ‘Capstone Exercise’ underway the night of the #LasVegasShooting?
By Editor October 9, 2017

some key times in the video
7:18 two security guards escorting someone out during shooting.

9:40-10:40  two Army tractor trailers and a box truck parked in the parking lot across the street from the event in the Tropicana Parking lot.

[Image: Capture_2017-10-10-16-43-22.png]
Capture of army tractor trailers

[Image: Capture_2017-10-08-04-21-24.png]
Sattelite image with trucks in the parking lot of Tropicana, North (top) edge of image.

in embedded video at site link below or direct yt link below herein.

"Two US Army Mortuary Affairs units, semi-trucks, were spotted at the venue along with for fully dressed US Army personnel carrying heavy machine guns. The following video shows the two Mortuary Affairs units along with an additional box truck."

Direct link to shooting and army trucks.


"The Mumbai Attack was a false flag and KASAB, the patsy, was INNOCENT and KASAB was FRAMED by the ISRAELIS.
CRI in Las Vegas.

CRI, the Israeli-led Counter Terrorism Training School, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CRI is owned and operated by Doron Benbenisty, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces.

"They have been providing expert services for over 17 years in the United States and have trained thousands of U.S. personnel and first responders in counter-terrorism techniques.

"Their offerings extend to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel."

" Chesnut arrived at the hospital’s overflowing trauma resuscitation unit, working feverishly to help save lives. Ironically, Nellis AFB had conducted a mass-casualty response training exercise just two days prior to the Vegas shooting in preparation for the upcoming Aviation Nation Air Show.

"Ironically"?  A mass casualty response training exercise took place just two days prior to the Vegas Shooting, ostensibly, in preparation for an upcoming Aviation Nation Air Show.

No date mentioned for when that show was set to occur? Additionally it is a claim that cannot be verified.

What we do know is TWO days before the shooting in Las Vegas, a mass casualty military exercise involving nearly identical numbers of patients took place.

    “That event was simulated: 100 patients, mass casualty, coming in to the 99th Medical Group, which eerily was almost the exact same number of patients we saw downtown at the only free-standing level-one trauma center in Nevada,” he said. “That training we had … helped us immensely that Sunday night.”

The event that had been simulated was "eerily" almost the exact same number of patients we saw downtown at THE ONLY free-standing level- one trauma center in Nevada.

What are the odds? "

The full False Flag Checklist, adapted from Veterans Today:

1: Drill at the Same or Nearby Time and Place
2: Foreknowledge Expressed by Some Party
3: Eyewitnesses Have Conflicting Accounts
4: MSM Quickly Name and Demonise the Patsy
5: Patsy Has No Military Training, Yet Shoots Extremely Fast and Accurately
6: Patsy Gets Killed, Drugged or 'Suicided'
7. Driver’s Licence or Passport of shooter(s) conveniently found at scene
8: Shooter Leaves Manifesto
9: Evidence Gets Conveniently Destroyed
10: No Obvious Motive for the Mass Attack
11: Immediate Calls for Gun Control
12: Fake 'Victims' = Crisis Actors
13: 'Victims' Get Killed Twice
14: Families of 'Victims' Have Elite or Acting Backgrounds.
15: Families of 'Victims' Show Little to No Emotion, and Even Snigger and Laugh
16: Families of 'Victims' Receive Payoffs / GoFundMe riches
17. Key witness dissappears
18. Surveillance footage unavailable, manipulated, censored.
19. Eyewitness testimony, videos, photos censored.


The warning in advance
hispanic woman and male companion.

"Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started?

Via the UK Express:

One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.

“They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”

She described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man.

The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like “everyday people”.

Warning posted on internet Sept. 10th
[Image: vegasshooter2.png]
thank you for all of the additional info, @Johntaraz !

The shooting.

Marine marksman sniper says official narrative impossible.

Multiple shooters multiple locations.

Proven multiple guns fired from two locations or more.

From videos, video testimony, eyewitness statements and accounts, police scanner traffic, reports, and corraborative reasonable analysis.
A sequence of how the shooting started and continued with video and photo evidence.

Some witnesses in the front rows have stated that someone set off firecrackers several times in the minutes before the first volley of shots hit. This caused the people in the front rows and VIP area to not respond in fear and evacuate with the first 5 sniper shots (explained later in this post), and even when those first several volleys of shots hit. This gave the shooters several more minutes of time, to target those audience groupings that remained stationary and confused targets and victims standing around undecided. What begs to be concluded is that these tactics were the work of coordinated hit teams experienced or trained in warfare, and that these shootings were planned, calculated mass-murder.

[Image: M9zo_Kqr_d.jpg]
a deleted tweet with a photo someone captured and saved details of some of this

The next thing described and possibly heard by several reports were 3-5 solitary gunshots, suppressed or from range.

These shots can be heard from 5:40 in this video. They start during the end of the song previous to the machine gun firing. People are already starting to leave the event in concern and fear.

My theory here with the snipers is that there were several people in the audience that were selected specific targets. These people have some significance or importance that made them a high value target for murder by those who perpetrated these crimes. I would guess the snipers fired from close or companion to the machine gunners.

To support this here is evidence.
Video of cops at venue wall near the strip getting sniped at, you can see the fence mesh fabric get hit by a bullet a few seconds in. Seconds later automatic fire resumes. This coordinated suppressing fire and multiple weapon use at long range suggests sniper scopes, spotter with range finder and MG operator.

Video hosted here also

Combat team style coordination and communication. They could verbally communicate between spotter, sniper, and MG operator. Or radio target groups, police response, windage, drop, and atmospheric conditions to the two machine gun operators, or other snipers, ground 2-man teams in the venue, MG/sniper teams at either end of the venue, that seem to have engaged in coordinated cross firing. And also cue that the high value targets were hit, and the mass shooting could begin.

--?are there recordings somewhere of all radio and shortwave broadcasts from the days preceeding, of, and following, in this surveillance state?--

Here I provide some details to the weapons used consistent with available information.
As evident in the taxi cab video, and several other videos, there was audio of two actual machine guns capable of sustained 8-10 seconds of firing used in this operation. They can be heard at close range to the witness recordings, and can be heard later at a distance. There are audible echoes that need to be acknowledged and filtered out in analysis of the recordings. Military type machine guns have a certain unmistakable sound and rythm that only a full chain-fed machine gun has.

Full auto AR's of 223 or 7.62 have their own distinctive sound and rate of fire also. Silenced or suppressed, distance and echoes all create accoustic signatures. There are many very good videos out there that address these facts, several I watched that had in-depth analysis on the weapon sounds and signatures at this mass shooting. I encourage my reader to explore it. I will post some if I get a chance.
The chain/belt/high cap cannister fed machine gun is the only weapon capable of firing steady bursts for over 7 to 11 seconds as heard in about 10 or more of the videos.

Example video, 10 second sustained bursts.

hosted here:

AR full auto or bump stocks have max 100 round drum magazines which can fire perhaps 3-4 seconds sustained fire. Those have distinctive sounds and signatures also. The chamber, bore and barrel aren't made for the sustained quantity and temperatures that 8-10 seconds of sustained auto-fire induces on their parts. AR's will likely fail under that much abuse in a matter of seconds to a few minutes depending on design and modification. The weapons photographed and reported in room 32135 M. Bay Hotel does not reasonably explain or match what was seen and heard in the recordings.
Conversely to AR's, machine guns are designed to fire continuously at high rates for extended periods... minutes, matching the evidence.
Conclusion of many knowledgeable experts, and my own hypothesis is that 2 or more machine guns located opposite ends of the venue are what was used for the first several minutes of this mass shooting. Country music fans were warfare victims engaged by agent provacateur murders with machine guns.

There is math and calculations on rate of fire for types of AR's and machine guns, their magazine capacities, and thermal breakdown under abuse - full auto 100 round drum magazine quick swaps will make an AR glow, then suffer failure. And an AR will burn through a 100 round magazine on bump, crank, or auto fire in 3 to 4 to 6 seconds. The audible signature and rate of fire are inconsistent with the machine guns heard. The AR auto fire rate is faster, higher pitched. These rifles were interspersed later in the shooting. They can be heard in certain videos near the exits and parking lots.

[Image: vegas-sounds-facebook_Jumbo-v5.png]

Video on the analysis of the automatic weapon firing.

What kind of weapon did the shooter use?

Las Vegas Mass Shooting - Mandalay Bay - Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?
Genesis CNC

shooting videos of start and early shooting, sound of distant, near and overlapping--video shooter in crowd

2 to 3 different weapons one firing slow and close and another weapon firing distant, those shots overlap. At 2:38 guy gets headshot and drops. Its visible through the metal fencing in the distance center screen.

Some observations from videos showing the begining shooting volleys.

The first sustained several-second machine gun fire is directed at the sound stage right (orientation from audience standpoint). It was not loudspeaker PA simulated gunfire as some have postulated and advocated. This is evidenced in the up close videos. The gunfire hits the right side large 20' upright vertical rectangular video display and knocks out its screen - you will notice its display scrambles and from then on it is just random pixellation.
There is a close-up video where one of the large Peavy-type killowatt loudspeakers is hit and starts belching out smoke instead of sound. It can be noticed in a couple up-close videos from the front of stage.
My observation in comparison videos and mental notes is that the initial several bursts of gunfire came from the direction of the Mandalay Bay. The taxi driver video seems to confirm this, that was her location and the machine gun fire is loud and close above her, as indicated by where she pans her camera and her comments.
Drawing from these observations, the initial gunfire was directed at those closest to the stage, and the vip area where many of the first casualties were reported. This implies considerable planning, precision, and tactical knowledge. These front row fans were literally trapped by the mass of people behind them. They could not flee and caused more casualties by trampling and pushing others to get away. Spraying the entire scene would have caused a mass exodus for the exits, thereby lessening the rich target environment and shortening the amount of killing time. Diabolical lengthy planning and coordination, experience and martial knowledge are illustrated and occur in nearly all the aspects of how this killing field was carried out.

In considering and contrasting the mainstream media narrative with the big picture perspective of all the video evidence and details emerging from social media and reports...
Which of these two possible scenario descriptions has brought forth the reasonable, consistent, matching, descriptive and compelling evidence?


"Stephen Paddock was firing full-auto rifles in a sustained 10-minute assault, at roughly the rate of six rounds per second, we should probably see massive piles of expended brass all over the place.

Let’s see: 6 rounds per second, times 60 seconds in a minute, times 10 minutes of sustained fire… that comes to 3600 rounds of ammunition. If you figure there were pauses in the automatic fire, you could discount that to maybe 3000 rounds actually fired."

223 stats and effective range coeeficients

Marine marksman sniper says impossible

"This is more evidence that Paddock is a diversion.
The shooters were in the crowd. Why is the
media, both lamestream and alternative ignoring the smoking gun,
a video that shows two men in police vests
in the crowd opening fire?

Zoomed in shooter in the crowd.

Still frame capture of security guard after the crouch and shoot as he turned away. Finger on trigger.
[Image: Capture_2017-10-10-17-39-01.png]

And a second later moving further away slid onto the trigger guard. Under fire this seems a display of paramilitary training.

[Image: Capture_2017-10-10-17-39-36.png]

by Tim

Thank you for peeling back yet another layer of this deception onion. As a former Marine and a trained rifleman who still stays proficient on the range, I knew what the mainstream news propaganda was telling us to believe was bullcrap from day one. Not only the rate of fire and audio discrepancies but also the ballistics of trajectory and distance.

The maximum effective firing range of an M-16 (AR variant) rifle is between 600 to 875 yards. Whereas, the Mandalay hotel window Paddock was purportedly firing from was 0.8 miles from the concert venue, which is 1,400 yards.

Even as an expert marksman myself who can put a round through a flea's ass at 200 yards, I don't think I could accomplish what this untrained 64-year-old man somehow miraculously pulled off, even if I had a four-man fire team.

Also, any combat trained Marine or Soldier who is honest will tell you how ineffective and inaccurate a fully automatic rifle is, and how it's main use is suppressing fire, and that they are usually only good at depleting your ammunition supply quickly. I'll take one well trained expert marksman with a semi-auto any day over two men with full-auto."

Video of acoustic analysis that proves there was a second shooter.
(10-11-2017, 07:52 AM)~mc~ Wrote: [ -> ]thank you for all of the additional info, @Johntaraz !

You're welcome @~mc~




Two separate sets of shots, clear. Not an echo.
At 41 seconds, its quiet, then you can hear machinegun fire in the distance.
She even comments that the shots are "farther away".
A few seconds later and the shots ring out up close, near to where the cab driver is reporting.
Video is hosted from link, original syndicated from cabbie, and not a second or third copy.

Apparent possible muzzle flashes from Mandalay Bay

[Image: 2-muzzle-blasts-640x481.jpg]
Two muzzle blasts? Picture provided by ex-military whistleblower Scott Bennett, author of The Shell Game; unfortunately the video from which the screenshot is taken, which shows the two muzzle blasts, has been taken down by youtube"

Singular shots heard at the end of the song previous to the machine gun fire. In the video there are clearly distant shots and closer shots.

Video from near the scene.
First 10 seconds there is steady machine gun fire that lasts a full 10 seconds.

"when the audio from the Las Vegas shooting is analyzed, it reveals TWO shooters operating at the same time, not just one shooter. Shooter #1 is operating at 425 – 475 yards, which is consistent with the Mandalay Bay hotel, but shooter #2 is operating at approximately 250 – 270 yards."

Zoomed in shooter in the crowd -compelling

Multiple shots many wounded guy helps people with a truck

Couple describes 2 shooters ambush and  herding people into more shootes.

Hispanic guy filming the machine gun fired from near Mandalay bay 8 second bursts

The taxi driver video.
Crystal clear unmistakeable machine gun fire from very close, near Mandalay Bay. And then 7 seconds later very far away gunfire. Several vantage points over several minutes.

More 4th floor and Taxi driver videos from other sources in case they get censored or deleted again.

Gunman on the fourth floor reported by police dispatch.
Video shows flashes of light corresponding to the sounds of gunfire at 4th floor. The taxi driver video is a second confirmation.

Another angle 4th floor shooting flashes

3:40 taxi driver records and reports shots fired from 6th floor.


From top of disabled bleacher seating 6 min video of shooting continuous.

Consider from the videos; people who testified being hit by gunfire near gate 7, the ricochets off the metal bleacher ADA seating which is 100 yards further away from the sound stage from the Mandalay Bay...
then one has to acknowledge the ranges are much farther than 400 yards as cited.
It may be 400 yards from the upper windows of the Mandalay Bay to the Las Vegas Village outdoor concert venue. But the distances to the distant seating and gates is much further.

There was a great video taken by a couple that ran together eventually from the front row. Its gone and I can't find it anymore.

I wrote commentary for the key moments as I saw them.

49:40 right after security guard in yellow vest jogs past, more shots very close by. Suspicious.
Looks like they ran directly north away from the stage area. Consistent with many reports of shots near gate 7 and Reno Ave.
51-56 several people hiding in vending/concession trailer one shot in the arm, another wounded in the chest. Sounds of bullets hitting all around.

I think this video above got deleted by YT.
It was compelling and obvious that this was an attack from all sides, gunfire far and near alternating and overlapping. It was an hour long and high quality.
The couple were in the front row, hunkered down and then fled, recorded the whole incident.

Concert scene

why turn on the lights?
Then turn them off when the shooting was over?

exits blocked

Killing and dying field

"Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze?

Numerous reports from witnesses who were on the scene reveal that nearly all the exits were blocked. One witness described the situation as “being caught like a rat in a maze” with numerous “dead ends.”

Why were nearly all the exits blocked? In essence, the concert created a kill zone that amplified the casualties. So far, according to the Clark County Sheriff in Vegas, 515 people have been injured and 59 people have so far died.

These are unthinkable numbers, approaching war-time casualty counts. It’s clear from the coverage that this shockingly high body count would not have been possible if people had been free to flee the concert venue.

In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. From there, sustained, full-auto gunfire is almost impossible to survive.

From Fox News, a caller named Russell Bleck, who survived the shooting, said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.”

In addition, once the shooting started, the stage lights were turned to the crowd, lighting up the crowd and making them an easier target for the shooter(s). Was this deliberate?"

Some have said it was crisis actors and that no actual bullets were used, shooting blanks, etc. all fake.
This graphic video from shortly after the shooting;  people dead, dying, bleeding, people trying to stop the bleeding, does not look fake.
Warning graphic.

Evidence that points at some event staff and security may have been part of the coordination, preparations, and execution of this mass killing operation:

The exits being locked before the shooting.
The lights illuminating the crowd of helpless trapped target concertgoers. Then when the shooting stopped and first responders could help, the lights shut off.
The video of what looks like a security guard firing into the crowd.
People hiding under the stage hit by bullets. The angle from Mandalay Bay 32nd story window makes that nearly impossible. Horizontal firing from shooters on the ground is more logical.
The security guard chased by police from the skybrige at Shops on the Miracle Mile, through the Luxor lobby.
The possibility of all those guns getting up into Paddock's room without some inside help or knowledge from staff.
The missing security guard 'hero'.

Left to die
[Image: lefttodie_2.jpg]

Witnesses at multiple casinos

Multiple shooters, multiple locations

Witness to Caesars Palace shooting, 20 shots fired

Tropicana witness

Witness statements

Oct 2nd.
Day 2.
Suspicions and confirmations of multiple incidents, multiple shooters.

Law Enforcement
Witnesses to other attacks
FBI says it has international leads in early investigation.
Sherrifs statement - "it is suspicious", (and so is all LE statements in this event.)


"Eyewitness Report of Shooting at the Tropicana and NY NY
October 10, 2017

Rios reports hearing additional rounds of gunfire being shot from both outside and within the Tropicana hotel, as well as from the direction of the New York New York hotel. These events are also referenced in the police scanner timeline below and are in serious contradiction to the official “Lone Nut” narrative about Stephen Paddock being presented by the Las Vegas police department and the Mainstream Media."

At link:
Compelling video acount.
Police scanner transcript that verifies his description of events.
Text of Mr. Rio's testimony.


"Law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation also said Friday that they had learned Paddock approached an ammunition dealer wanting to buy a large quantity of tracer rounds at a gun show in Phoenix last month.

The dealer did not have the quantity Paddock wanted, so the shooter did not end up buying anything from him, they said. The dealer told law enforcement that Paddock was neatly dressed and polite, and did not say anything that would raise a red flag. He gave the dealer the impression that he wanted the tracer rounds for recreational use with friends. "

FBI: we have leads in the US and around the world.

Next day - case closed- one lone gunman.


Swat team storms Tropicana points guns orders hands up, quickly escorts 2 doctors and a stretcher through the casino.

Lady describes the shooting at the Bellagio lobby.
Cops sweeping the Tropicana after the shooting

"Sheriff David Clarke: Investigation Into Las Vegas Shooting is 'Suspicious'
Former Milwaukee sheriff says to much being hidden from the public"

"Cassie Harrison posted the following statement to Facebook following the shooting:

    We were in Caesars Palace tonight and there was a shooting in there too. For some reason the news hasn’t even mention this.

[Image: Caesars_palace_shooting.jpg]
[Image: caesars_shooting2.jpg]

    We heard about the first shooting as we were walking and went into Caesars to wait it out. We were in the food court and all of sudden you see everyone running for their lives from the casino area right next to the food court. We took off and then I hear about 20 gun shots behind me. We took cover behind a wall and managed to escape through the kitchen. It was like a scene in a movie. The news isn’t saying anything so I thought everyone should know there were multiple shootings here tonight."

Video of Caesars Palace panic

"Las Vegas Casino Staff Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’ During Shooting

Videos proving there were gunmen operating on multiple floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel, as well as eyewitness testimonies by Las Vegas casino workers and hotel guests have confirmed that the mainstream media narrative about the “lone wolf” shooter is a fabrication.

There is now a mountain of evidence, consisting of videos, police audio, and eyewitness accounts from multiple people proving this was an orchestrated, co-ordinated attack by multiple conspirators, and the mainstream media is attempting to cover it up.


Las Vegas police scanner audio also confirms that during the attack police reported an active shooter on the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay, as well as the 32nd floor, where Stephen Paddock was killed.


Las Vegas casino staff have also come forward with eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters operating in Caesars Palace and Paris Casino.

“Paris casino had active shooting as well,” said Nadia Gissell. “I work there I don’t understand why they are not saying the truth. Literally run for my life just got home.“

“Why won’t the media report on the other hotels?” asked Cameron Espino. “I saw 2 gunman in the miracle mileshops with my own eyes. We had to run out.“

[Image: shots_fired_multiple_hotels.jpg]


An Australian man who was staying in the room next to Stephen Paddock on the 32nd floor in the Mandalay Bay has also confirmed he witnessed multiple gunmen involved in the Las Vegas attack.

‘There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Brian Hodges told Australia’s Courier-Mail.


Las Vegas residents have also come forward, expressing their disgust with mainstream media for fabricating the “lone wolf” narrative and covering up the truth.

“There is so much that they are not telling us about the night. That is not the only location with shooters!!!! This is my home. I am intensely affected and hurt by this. But now even more angry with the media and police with all the lies,” said a “Passionate Las Vegas local” who asked to remain anonymous.


Two explosive videos provided yesterday to Your News Wire have also confirmed that there were multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack, and the mainstream media narrative of a “lone wolf” gunman operating with a motive is a lie.

Both videos show gunfire originating from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock, a “lone wolf”, fired on the crowd using a semi-automatic weapon.

The mainstream media narrative regarding Paddock’s motives have also been debunked by FBI sources who reportedly claimed the shooter has links to Antifa as well as ISIS. But mainstream media is actively covering up this information, claiming Paddock had “no political or religious affiliations.”"

[Image: p_Jo55s_M_d.jpg]
Dispatches fro multiple shooters multiple locations

Las Vegas Shooting Victim: ‘I Was Shot by a Gunman in the Crowd’

Thanks to kakkopp before YouTube removes it

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Regular orig. shooter in crowd

"“I was alerted about this video by a subscriber whose brother drives a limousine in Las Vegas. He’s spoken to several other drivers and bellmen at the Bellagio, the Flamingo and other hotels surrounding Manadalay Bay. All reported that their lobbies were shot up last Sunday night. This indicates that more than one gunman was involved in the horrifying events that evening."

Deleted by twitter, text of eyewitness report of multiple scenes, multiple shooters.

[Image: cosmopolitan_hotel_vegas1.jpg]
[Image: cosmopolitan_hotel_vegas2.jpg]

[Image: caesars_shooting1.jpg]

Testimony: 4-5 shooters, M240 machine guns used, firecracker diversion, Mandalay Bay, then MGM Grand and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana.
Tropicana confrontation with suit carrying  bag from pool area, one man dead in pool of blood. -- note confirmation video of swat team entering Tropicana later with stretcher and two accompanying unarmed civ's possibly doctor and coroner carrying a medical bag.
Shooter firing from MGM Grand.
Shootings in Excaliber NY NY
Muzzle flashes from Excaliber and NY NY

Vlogger claims ‘many’ police within the department feel that multiple shooters were involved and that ‘diversions’ were created to corral police for ambush


Multiple shootings reported

RE: las vegas shooting leaves 2 dead 26 injured
Don't know how true this is. But, the police scanners confirm it.

**Original post was deleted by Facebook**
But that's okay because I have some cold hard evidence there was two shooters. Check this link out and listen to it at the 2 minute mark [link to (secure)]

There's a deeper tone long range (M240) and a higher pitched tone close range shooting occurring simultaneously (Suppressed AR Rifle)
Plus notice how the stage lights are completely spot lighting all us victims? CHOREOGRAPHED. Enough said. Share.

The original had over 22K shares and 20K comments before it was taken down. It's important we try and keep this up. Make sure to check the police audio in the link provided in the end.

Family and friends concerned about the RT91 festival massacre please share and spread this post for it is completely real and the news is not telling the entire truth.

There was more than one shooter, I believe there was 4-5 shooters and I saw/heard 4 of them and there was one of their men down in the concert who lit fire crackers either to distract people and make them believe the rest of the popping sounds were fire crackers for at least 10 seconds to get more casualties before realizing they were gun shots or to decoy the Mandalay Bay shooter breaking the windows of the hotel without being noticed right away as the fire crackers went off twice because the second time the shooter at Mandalay Bay unloaded his first magazine.
The person who lit the fire crackers was right next to me as it blew my eardrums (right side of the stage facing the stage closer to the front of the stage)

The first shooter was at the Mandalay Bay, then MGM Grand and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana. These are confirmed by me personally and the shooter from Mandalay I believe was shooting an LMG with 100 rounds each go.
I will tell my story and hope to get shares and the truth spread as the news is making it out to be ONE shooter.

So Jason Aldean was 5 songs in if I remember correctly and the fire crackers went off in the middle of his performance and people all around us were looking around dazed and slightly confused, then 15 seconds later the fire crackers went off once more (to break the second window where the shooter unloaded his first magazine) I saw the muzzle flashes as soon as the fire crackers stopped and there was a man who tumbled over my girlfriend and I and said there was shots and there was a guy in front of him who died right away. Then more shots started and we all dropped and at that time my girlfriend was frozen and still and had 3-4 people on top of her shot and wounded and possibly dead but I had all my focus on her and I believed at that time I had been shot in the lower back as I had the bleeding sensation and yelled "BABE I THINK IM SHOT WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE I NEED TO KEEP YOU SAFE" I pulled her out from under the bodies of people and ran for 5 seconds and then another series of shots came and more bodies went down with wounds and blood was all over the place and even on me at this point. That moment there was 3-5 people I saw completely unresponsive on the ground and even a girl with her head shot and people around her screaming. We got up and ran for around 15 seconds and I continuously checked my back to feel a shot wound and I was under great relief to find that I was not shot before more shots came but since everyone was running towards the entrance the shooter at MGM was shooting as everyone was running towards the entrances to exit. My girlfriend and I kept VERY low the entire time we heard any shot. We ran to the back of the venue and there was an Orange Gate pried up on the fence and people already on it climbing to get over. I got over and they were 2 girls on it who froze and I yelled "COME ON LETS MOVE... DOUBLE TIME!! LETS GO" and they raced up the gate and got over the fence and we proceeded as well and we ran across the street to Tropicana parking lot where more shots from Mandalay proceeded and we hide behind cars in the lot. We all proceeded through a hallway where everyone had their hands up and was proceeding through the hallway and then went into a common area with 3 exit points. One for the pool area where a gentlemen with a black polymer suitcase walked in and I frantically asked if he worked and he was entirely calm and said no and I asked to see what was inside the suit case and he scoffed and said no and another man yelled "YEAH WHATS IN THE SUITCASE IM WITH THIS MAN" and as he started to open the case everyone started yelling in the room where they were escorting everyone and they all scattered and ran through where we entered and there was a man bleeding out and I believe from what I saw he was dead. Unresponsive and on his back with his eyes closed and a pool of blood. I ran outside where the pool area was and my girlfriend stayed back as she froze again, 5 seconds passed as I ran out the door and I didn't see my girlfriend and I opened the doors and she was on the ground crying and I yelled and told her to come as I ran to grab her we got out and hid in a cabana that was closed and laid on the couch there for 30 minutes and she started throwing up and I kept telling her to keep her down and keep quiet as there was a shooter in Tropicana that was to my understanding still on the loose so we kept real quiet and at this time I contacted my brother to make sure him and his girlfriend were okay which to my relief they were. But we were split and they were too far and I didn't want to run out in the streets as the shootersMandalay Bay, then MGM Grand and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana. were still loose. We then proceeded to an alleyway by the parking structure and saw muzzle flashes coming from Excalibur and New York New York and I pushed her to the pillar and she froze (every time shotsMandalay Bay, then MGM Grand and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana. went off she froze so I had to help maneuver her into safe positions) we then ran through a hallway and a guy grabbed my girlfriend and said to go down the hallway towards the Tropicana entrance and I was not going inside so we ran around back into the alley where I saw an industrial trash can and told her to jump in first and we laid in there and found cardboard boxes and I pulled them over us to keep cover and we laid there for 3 hours as the helicopters and police personnel were scavenging the area for the remaining shooters they know were involved but don't want to publicly announce. As we were in the trash can I posted a status on Facebook and contacted immediate family and friends to let them know my girlfriend and I were okay for the time being. We then figured running to Luxor around 1:30-2am would be fine and as we jumped out there was a police who helped escort us to the now locked down with police in tactical gear Tropicana and to escort us into the convention center and they made sure everyone was unarmed and we had water and blankets and everyone was waiting for the police to clear the rooms in the surrounding hotels to allow us back into our rooms. We personally didn't get released to go to Luxor until 4:20 am and we are now okay. I now have my firearm on my persons and will no longer be attending crowd filled events for the massacre we just lived through was devastating and we all can't wait to get back home and see our loved ones. My condolences to the families of everyone who lost their lives and couldn't get a call out to their families and make it back home like we did, I pray for peace and love through everyone's hearts involved in this massacre and I just wanted to share the truth and my experience as the Lord would want me to.

We are currently at a restaurant and a woman came up to us as we are visually a mess and she prayed for us and we just came to find out she covered our tab. God bless her, we are incredibly grateful for her act of kindness and grateful to be alive and be able to share a real experience as a first person who attended the event this weekend in Vegas.

I thank God for giving me the strength to keep pushing and keep my significant other and I alive as we were entirely as vulnerable as everybody else. God bless everyone who shares this to reveal the experience the news simply won't be able to share as they don't want this to seem like a terrorist attack but it was exactly that and the man behind it will be punished and damned to hell for this.
Thank you for reading the entire post and I do want to thank the police officers on site that kept everyone safe from the violent acts that occurred last night. God bless everyone who was positively involved last night as well.

Food for thought:
Las Vegas can't afford to have people scared to travel the strip since that's the only entertainment in Nevada. Think about it, why would they scare everyone and confess multiple shooters when they have no clue who the active shooters really were? That would be detrimental for Las Vegas and they will do whatever they can to keep the public at ease from this massacre for the sake of their own State. Think about it, and the white 64 year old man could had been staged as a cover up for the real killers who actually got away with this whole thing, that I know was choreographed from the fireworks alone as the first cue. Please just keep your mind open and wait for more truth to be exposed.

For all the non believers that want the police to tell them. Listen to their radios. It's the full radio scanner audio so don't be surprised it's an hour long and complain. But listen and you will hear what I've explained through my experience that I shared that some of you still don't believe.

Shooters in the crowd

"Las Vegas Shooting Victim: ‘I Was Shot by a Gunman in the Crowd’

Man gunned down by an attacker with a machine gun in the crowd blows the whistle.

One of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting has blown the whistle to reveal that he was shot by multiple gunmen during the massacre.Rocky Palermo was shot by a gunman in the crowd during Sunday night’s mass shooting and says he has the evidence to prove it.He says there were between 3-5 active shooters firing weapons into the crowd and says there was gunfire coming from the ground as well as from above.Palermo was rushed to hospital after taking a .223 round to the pelvis and still has 30-40 pieces of bullet shrapnel still inside his body.Doctors told him the bullet was inches from paralyzing or even killing him.Mr. Palmero confirmed that his injury was caused by an attacker on the ground and that the bullet was fired at his with a horizontal trajectory and wasn’t fired down from above, although weapons were being fired from “all angles”.Oddly, Rocky says he has been trying to contact the FBI to give them his eyewitness account of what happened on that night, but his requests have been ignored by agents investigating the case.

Blast reports: Palermo — an avid hunter familiar with guns and ballistics — says the different trajectories of gunfire was extremely evident, even in the midst of chaos.He is skeptical of the information being given by authorities regarding Stephen Paddock being a “lone wolf” gunman and has a theory as to why cops don’t buy it.Further, Palermo is questioning why certain exits out of the venue were suddenly closed off just before the shooting but claims the same exits were open during the previous nights of the concert.

Palermo says he relayed his theory to the FBI during an interview while being discharged from the hospital, but has not heard any follow up since."
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