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Full Version: Just a small bit from my upcoming book
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Sorry but I can not explain anything about the book or this bit from it. Sorry to be so vague, or well I think that's the word I should use. Any way here ya go and yes it is as it is exactly...

The way to lets, oh say to any destination may be through many complications blocking you by any means there in consisting of the same? Those means of which meaning obstacles derailing of course the course while you try aproaching! An end, an end no more different than the obstacles before so in the beginning as well as there for after. Words again and again and again when mere destinations repeat complications left behind in like wise repeating manner yet different each moment beginning for the adventures do never end!!!!

Its old but none the less relevant to this character. He is ment to be hard to follow and is quit mad. The only thing that is off a little in this bit from the story is the punctuation. Although it may be the way the character wants it to be.

I may give another part away soon. The part will be the part I was originally going to give away except then I found this part and thought it to be random and vague enough.

Like I said I can't really give away what the story is all about because, well that would in my mind ruin it.
Thanks for sharing your work..

That was hard to read.. is the whole book like that?
(09-20-2017, 02:09 AM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for sharing your work..

That was hard to read.. is the whole book like that?

For the most part yes. But compared to the rest of it that is a pretty easy read. A lot of it gets so difficult to read that it goes well beyond the multidimensional form of writing.

The main character is shattered and so is his outlook and interactions. I can not go into detail though for it will ruin it.