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Full Version: Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For 'Criminal Targeting Of Americans,' To Be Filed
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Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For 'Criminal Targeting Of Americans,' To Be Filed By California Attorney

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On August 18, 2017, in an article here at ANP titled "The Endgame Is To Overthrow America By Anarchy," I made the argument that according to the logic used by the media and liberals, MSM support for Antifa terrorist groups, makes those very same media outlets terrorists themselves, by default.

While I am not a legal expert, it seems that there is a legal case to be made that media groups, such as CNN, are putting "targets on Americans backs," via "cyber bullying, menacing and harassment of the American People," by labeling Americans that do not espouse the political ideology of hate groups such as SPLC, according to Joni Turner, a highly respected San Diego litigation attorney, who has announced her plans to file a criminal & civil lawsuit against CNN on behalf of the American People that are being targeted as “Radical Terrorists” in their own country.

The two videos below were taken from Ms. Turner's Periscope account where she announced her plans to file a class action lawsuit against CNN, stating "I'm determined to use my Legal Career to hold CNN and Southern Poverty and Law Center Responsible for Criminal Targeting of Americans! Join the Fight!"

Ms. Turner will be setting up a website, where she will be asking Americans that have been targeted, especially those that have had physical altercations with the alt-left (Antifa groups) when attending a rally, a Trump event, or were attacked because of MSM targeting, to add their names to the list of litigants that can be used as proof that CNN and SPLC are deliberately targeting Americans for harm.

She explains that this type of case has never been approached before against a media organization, but that it comes down to the fact that CNN has given up on being a "bona-fide" news organization in favor of becoming the "the mouth piece for the alt left." ..."

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That's a good enough reason, imo. Yeah3

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In case you haven't seen who runs CNN
(08-24-2017, 08:04 AM)wing-ed Wrote: [ -> ]In case you haven't seen who runs CNN

Good find, Wing-ed !! Cheers
(08-24-2017, 08:04 AM)wing-ed Wrote: [ -> ]In case you haven't seen who runs CNN

Buhbuhbuhbuh......... ttt.. muh diversity, goyim Rabbi
But in all seriousness this is something that needs to happen. While CNN paints and targets Trump voters as racists and Natzis by default, they cry over their "safety". Because, apparently, calling liars liars is a direct threat in the Clowniverse
The only people who treat SPLC with any credibility are people who are pushing a specific agenda. They have been discredited on so many levels so many times. Sadly, I am not amazed that media like CNN, NBC, WaPo, Huffington Post, etc (too many to try and include everyone) cite SPLC because of that agenda driven thing. The moment I see them listed as a source, even if it is a legitimate thing, I write it off as bullshit and move on.
CNN has just about destroyed itself with its unabashed hatred for anything remotely associated with this President.
WHEN the ATT/Time Warner merger happens, Jeff Zucker is history. How quickly they went from a trustworthy news source to being unabashedly propaganda for the far left.
SPLC and the ADL are two of America's largest and most influential Hate Groups.

They're also behind 'Homegrown Terrorism'. They're behind training US Police in IDF tactics too.