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Full Version: North Korea TV hides anti-US message in kids' cartoon
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A children's cartoon about a group of forest friends which aired today on North Korean state television appears to have come with an anti-America message. To the outside observer, the home-produced cartoon "The Hedgehog Defeats the Tiger" looks like an earnest tale in which the tiny hedgehog uses his spines and his sharp wits to defeat the bullying big cat. But in the bewildering world of the North Korean media, it appears that nothing happens by chance, and it looks like the programme was aired during Korean Central Television's children's hour as a commentary on recent tensions between Pyongyang and Washington.

In the cartoon based on an old folk fable, a group of forest friends led by a rabbit wearing a red armband are confronted by an arrogant, strutting tiger who tries to bully them into submission.
But he reckons without the tiny yet wily hedgehog, who curls into a ball for defence and defeats the tiger by digging its spines into his nose. As the bully flees, the somewhat fickle animals - who were initially but reluctantly on the side of the tiger - fete the victorious hedgehog for his bravery and tactical genius.

Was the hedgehog portly?
(08-13-2017, 12:29 PM)DaJavoo Wrote: [ -> ]Was the hedgehog portly?

American cartoons are filled with subliminal messages too...