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Full Version: More Than 4,000 Photographs From The D-Day Invasion Of Normandy Are Now Available
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[Image: 9WYZpef.jpg]

The Flickr account PhotosNormandie has just posted more than 4300 photos of the Normandy Landings of June 6, 1944, this decisive date of the WWII.

This impressive collection is the result of a collaborative project that began in 2007, bringing together thousands of photos from the Archives Normandie 1939-1945, the Municipal Library of the City of Cherbourg-Octeville and the American archives. It invites users to complete, comment, locate and identify photographs, making it possible to better document the Normandy Landings archives.
Love it, FS!
(07-22-2017, 01:02 AM)shakeyflyface Wrote: [ -> ]Bump
Love it, FS!

Glad you like. I watched this elaborate multi cd set on all the battles of ww11 and all the horror of that era that went with it, all real film clips, and did my opinion on the Americans change. Id almost say the Americans over all others and the industrial complex gave the Allied forces the leading edge over the Axis or else we would all be walking in goose steps..
4000 photos, during an invasion. Who had time to take photos? Just sayin.. I mean a few hundred I understand but thousands?
Thanks FS, the color ones make it seem surreal.

Just imagine what that was like. great photos..

I noticed the piss poor equipment those poor tough old bastards (young then) had to deal with. look at the bottom of their worn out soles on their boots! Killing and dying without even decent footwear.. Christ!

What a bloodbath.