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Full Version: Victims of Illegal Immigration Speak Out - Chicago mayor to sue - Canada too.
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Published on 18 Jul 2017

Victims of illegal immigration tell their heartbreaking stories while meeting with President Trump. This is why we need to end sanctuary cities, build the wall, and deport the criminal illegal aliens that have invaded the United States of America.

Chicago mayor to sue DOJ over sanctuary city policies

Published on 5 Aug 2017

He should just shut his face.

There is cause for Rham's arrest as it is. Protecting and concealing felons. Conspiracy to circumvent laws. Obstruction of justice and obstruction of an official officer in the line of his/her duties.

I don't have the book in front of me but I'm sure I can tab and highlight a few dozen more.
Then there is that 11 million number.

That's the estimated 'known' invaders. There really is no way to get an accurate count on it but some estimates put that number over 30 million as of 2016.
Canadian Illegal Immigration Out of Control

Published on 4 Aug 2017

Canadian Illegal Immigration Out of Control

Remember this tweet sent out by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last January?

Here's what really chafes my bacon about this sanctuary city idiocracy.

It's implicitely stated in the Constitution that Congress is authorized to make all the laws and rules on immigration.

Congress did. Those laws are on the books.

Where does the mayor of drivebyville get the sack to say that he is not going to follow those laws? He doesn't have a choice. He has no authority to override Congress on a matter explicitly stated as within the jurisdiction of Congress by the Constitution.

I looked up the oath of office for the mayor of Chicago. He swore an oath to defend the Constitution and this directly violates his sworn word.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago to sue Trump / Sessions over sanctuary city warning

Published on 6 Aug 2017

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's city of Chicago says it plans to file a lawsuit against the US Justice Department on Monday over new stipulations placed on federal law enforcement grant money requiring local police departments to assist in federal immigration actions.