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Full Version: Man Arrested for Sending the IRS a Fake Bomb, Marijuana, and…his Own Finger
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Well, I guess this is one way to let the IRS know how you feel about them…

A Washington man is facing federal charges for sending an assortment of unusual and disturbing items to an IRS office in Utah.

Federal prosecutors in Tacoma say Normand Lariviere, 68, sent a fake bomb, a bullet, and a marijuana joint.

Oh, and he also sent one of his own fingers.

From SeattlePi:

Writing the court, a special agent with the Federal Protective Service said Lariviere has been upset with the IRS and other federal agencies since he was laid off in the 1990s from his position as a civilian defense contractor.

Having served eight years in the Navy, Lariviere worked as a civilian electrician for the Navy until the early 1990s. After losing that position, he began filing grievances with federal agencies related to the Department of Defense.

According to charging papers, Lariviere told an IRS agent that he should not have to pay taxes because the government had not satisfied his claims.

When he was interviewed by investigators, Lariviere admitted severing his finger and showed agents the homemade device he used to perform that action.

According to charging papers, Lariviere also admitted to making and sending the fake bomb, and then threatened further action:

“I don’t have a choice if I don’t get an answer. Many things I could do. I’m not going to say. … I’m not going to tip my hand.”

Lariviere was arrested and charged with mailing a threat to injure, and is currently in jail.
I have sympathy for any person who has been pushed to the point of desperation trying to fight the machine. I do not pretend to understand some of the choices that people make when acting out, but I do understand that normal people are being pushed past their limit to cope.

I hope that I never find myself being pushed that far.
I thought there was a well known defence against the IRS - ask them to provide the law by which they are constitutionally valid?

Was it his middle finger?

I just wonder what kind of message those three items add up to?


They're just pissed he forgot to send his first born child too.