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Kentucky town's dog mayor wins rave approvals

June 28 (UPI) -- A Kentucky town's new mayor, swept into office in a landslide election, is proving popular with her "peace, love and understanding platform" -- and she's a dog.

Brynneth Pawltro, known to residents of Rabbit Hash as Brynn, was elected the unincorporated town's fourth consecutive canine mayor in January after defeating contenders including a donkey and a cat.

Brynn won by 3,300 votes in the election, which involved residents paying $1 per vote. Residents were allowed to vote as many times as they wanted and the funds went toward restoring the town's general store.

The 3-year-old rescue replaces former mayor Lucy Lou, who retired from office to focus her attentions on a campaign for the presidency.

Brynn, a pit bull, ran for office on a platform of "peace, love and understanding."

"Brynn has declared to be peaceful with any human or animal that comes through Rabbit Hash, especially the cats. Brynn does like to chase the cats around here, but has pledged to refrain from it as much as possible," Jordie Bamforth, Brynn's owner, told the Cincinnati Enquirer.