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Full Version: UNREAL: Universities now paying students to bully classmates guilty of ‘thought crime
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Ok. Seriously. Why would anyone bother sending their kids back to college at this point? It's not like they are actually learning anything important like actual law, architecture or medicine now. It's all agenda this and agenda that being shoveled down peoples throats.

UNREAL: Universities now paying students to bully classmates guilty of ‘thought crimes’

Taxpayers in California will soon be forced to sponsor so-called “Social Justice Activists” (SJAs) who will be tasked with patrolling college campuses and “educating” their fellow students about the systematic oppression supposedly being instigated upon them by white, straight males.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has agreed to start paying between 8-10 SJAs to walk around campus and indoctrinate whomever they come across about the perils of whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. UCLA plans to pay these SJAs quarterly for their services, beginning this fall when students come back for the 2017-2018 school year.

Any student wanting to participate in the program will presumably have to be non-white, female, and/or a member of the LGBTQ community in order to qualify, as anyone else is considered to be part of the system of oppression. Only those willing to advance the agenda that being white, male, and not sexually interested in the same sex is an evil to be eradicated, along with freedom of speech, are considered to be viable candidates.

Applicants for the program are reportedly required to explain why they’re interested in social justice, and more importantly which gender pronouns they prefer to be called. Identifying the “zis” and the “hirs” from among potential applicants is one way that the school can easily weed out the non-desirable “he” and “her” candidates who are being targeted for extinction on campus.

“Social Justice Advocates will systems [of] oppression and how they intersect and build upon each other to maintain the status quo,” a description of the program reads. “Most importantly individuals and the collective will be empowered through liberatory scholarship and practices and strengthening their emotional intelligence to create change within their spheres of influence.”

Truth Revolt‘s James Allsup addresses the issue in a new video he posted to YouTube that you can watch here.


I propose every white male just quit working altogether. Fuck these assholes, lets just watch them starve.
On my worst day I can kill and field dress about anything worth eating.

Can these pricks?

Edit: Then the ladies pick up our slack and make us look like fools.
Need time to rethink this. Chuckle
IDF troops are on the UC Irvine harassing pro Palestinian students too.

Part of the same agenda. 'You vill do ast ve zay'!!

Are we welcomingand furthering a foreign invasion, while we fight their wars elsewhere?

That's how it seems to me. Who else is 'Anti White'? Who created this 'Anti White' movement?